5 Affordable DIYs That Will Transform Any Event Venue

You’ve chosen the venue, you’ve hired the caterer, you’ve sent out invitations. Now, all there is left to do is figure out how to decorate the place. You could hire a decorator, but that requires more money (honestly more than you’re willing to spend), and most event decorators are booked well in advance. So what can you do?

5 Affordable DIYs That Will Transform Any Event Venue

Between YouTube, Pinterest, and the vast wonders of the internet, many people have pocketed more than half of their decor budget by using DIY projects. Do-it-yourself projects have become the standard for personalizing an event at an affordable price.

Here are 5 DIY projects that will make any event a lot more snazzy, with a little bitty budget:

1. DIY Selfie Booth & Props

Ah, the infamous photo booth-home to cowboys hats, oversized glittered glasses, and mustaches! No party is complete without one, and this one is special! The art of the selfie is elevated to new heights when combined with a cool backdrop and props! Make sure to have plenty of selfie sticks on hand and good lighting to make this DIY project the topic of conversation at your next social event!

2. Bubble String Lights

These lights, made from ping-pong balls and Christmas lights, can be used for daytime and nighttime events. Simply turn them on to light up the night (and provide light for your DIY selfie booth!), or keep them off as cute decor for ‘before 5’ events. Besides ping-pong balls and Christmas lights, you may need a xacto knife to help with cutting.

3. Tassel Garland Tutorial

For daytime events such as bridal showers, baby showers, luncheons, etc., tassel garlands are a classy alternative to pictures, banners, and heavy items that may require nails to hang. They take about 5-10 minutes to make, and all they require is tissue paper, twine or string, and scotch tape. Tissue paper comes in an array of colors and patterns, so the possibilities are endless!

4. Glow in the Dark/Light Balloons

Since we don’t have a raised dance floor, balloons are a great way of directing guest to a particular area to bust a move! Glow in the dark balloons are a cool visual and an easy DIY to make. If you don’t want to break out the pesos to get mini LED lights, you can also purchasemini glow sticks to place inside the balloons. Glow in the dark balloon can also be hung from the ceiling and placed in vases as table decor. Glow sticks last 6-8 hours so you will get plenty of use from them.

5. Setting up a Candy Buffett

Displaying a candy buffet is a big money saver and adds a tasty aesthetic to your party. Candy buffets, set up with bags or jars, can be taken home as edible party favors and will be a hit among friends, family, classmates, and co-workers! All you need is some jars, a variety of candy, a table, and some do-it-yourself decor to make this simple and affordable DIY come to life. (See project one for some suggestions!)

As long as your decor isn’t a safety hazard, doesn’t harm the facility, and is legal, anything goes! Our website contains a detailed floor plan so that you can get a generalized idea of where you want everything set up. We also have an amazing gazebo and a large outdoor area for bouncy houses, slip -n- slides, etc.

For more information or questions about our venue, you may visit our website or contact us here!