The Best Family Reunions Venue in East Texas

This is the time of year when many folks host a family reunion. The kids are usually not back in school yet; the weather is commonly sunny and bright; everyone is up for a get-together. As for the venue choice for your gathering, the Party Barn is just about the best place you’ll find.

The Best Family Reunions Venue in East Texas

The 3,750-foot facility will hold both sides of your family along with as many extended family relatives as you like up to 225 attendees. And, with a 22-ton air conditioner, everyone is going to stay cool, calm, and collected. The Party barn also has a buffet and roundtables, and a large outdoor area with a gazebo.

After you hand out the t-shirts, point out the oldest living relative, and dine on the covered dish spread you knew would be there, you can have a rented bounce house in the back and play games like softball, kickball, or horseshoes.

Best of all, the Party Barn has a 5-disc CD changer to play your family favorites and allowing all to dance the night away. Whether inside or out, every one of all ages can line dance, polka, jitterbug, or square dance and just have good old-fashion fun.

Other family reunion activities that will keep everyone smiling and talking are:

  • setting up a crafting table
  • a water balloon toss
  • an egg race
  • a talent show
  • telling family stories
  • charades

The Party Barn is just right for a family reunion, providing a generous indoor space in case of inclement weather, and an outdoor play area large enough for sitting and games. Give us a call and let us get your event on the calendar. We’ll help you have the best reunion ever!