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High School Graduation Venue: Goodbye and a Good Start

The end of the high school years and the beginning of college: parents and students save, think, worry, consider, reconsider, research and plan this for years. The transition is a joy tempered with sadness. It is a move from childhood to adulthood, from adolescent activity to grownup responsibility. The party marking this passage is a celebration, and here are nine ways for a memorable “you’re off to university!”

High School Graduation Venue: Goodbye and a Good Start

Get the party pros to help: Party Barn Events supplies an air-conditioned/heated venue, tables, chairs, a sound system, full kitchen and plenty of parking. Kids, teens, and adults can enjoy time together while we do the setup and break down, or invite group participation in the event and provide your own setup and clean up.

Decorate in school colors: Be the proud parent and show your child’s colors. Decorate the party area with flags, streamers, balloons, and pennants from the college of their choice.

Marching band? Cheerleaders? School fight song? Sure!: Coordinate with invited guests from your child’s high school to sing, play or cheer him or her into the party. It’s your last chance as a parent to embarrass your kid this way.

Include a game zone in the festivities: Keep the younger set off their smartphones and offer old-fashioned carnival games with prizes.

A safe and secure gift table: Most people send cash or gift cards these days, but some will bring gifts. Make sure you provide a place to stash them.

Speaking of gifts: what to give?: People ask what your student needs. Set up a college registry, similar to a wedding registry. Or suggest placing money on your child’s college account, used for books, tuition, and meals. Or buy a laundry basket and ask guests to bring specific and necessary items to fill it, such as soap, detergent, stain remover spray, non-perishable snacks, soups, rolls of quarters for the laundry machines, coffee, hot cocoa, and tea.

Offer disposable cameras to friends and family: Let guests record the event, collect the cameras after the party and enjoy the special moments as others see them.

A remembrance wall or timeline: Post photos with a hand-drawn timeline, showing your college-bound kid’s path, pursuits, and pastimes. Include photos and captions about loved ones not present, whether unable to attend or deceased. This is a time to look forward, appreciate the past and praise all the people who raised your child to this point.

Now is the time to update contacts: With nearest and dearest present, the party is a good time for your collegiate-to-be to update their smartphone contact list. When an emergency happens and your child has to reach a family member now, that current contact list is vital. Updating the contact list also provides you with the security and knowledge that others love and care about your child as much as you do.

To help with your high school grads party planning, contact us to find out more about our venue. A tour of the facility can be conducted and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions to help you host an ultimate start off to university for your loved one.

Selecting The Perfect Adult Birthday Party Venue

If you are thinking about throwing a surprise birthday party for your spouse to celebrate an upcoming milestone, finding the perfect location for the event is sure to be on your mind. The comfort of your guests, as well as the probability in pulling off a surprise, is necessary. Here are some tips to consider when making a venue selection.

Selecting The Perfect Adult Birthday Party Venue

Find Out About Temperature Control

It is important to use a venue where extreme temperatures do not cause guests discomfort. If the party is to be held outdoors during the heat of the summer, having fans on hand to aid in cooling guests is necessary. Alternately, a wintertime event should have adequate heating capabilities.

See If Parking Will Be Adequate

When surprising someone, it is necessary to try keeping guests’ vehicles out of view so they do not guess a party is about to occur. Selecting a location where there are a few entrances or a vast parking area will ensure vehicles will not give away the secret.

Ask About Amenities Available

A party venue where staff members handle the details will be greatly appreciated by those throwing the event. This will free up time for other important tasks. Allow a venue to take care of the catering, giving you the peace of mind the food and beverages served will be top-notch.

To help with your party planning, contact us to find out more about our venue. A tour of the facility can be conducted and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions to help you host an ultimate surprise party for your loved one.

The Best Family Reunions Venue in East Texas

This is the time of year when many folks host a family reunion. The kids are usually not back in school yet; the weather is commonly sunny and bright; everyone is up for a get-together. As for the venue choice for your gathering, the Party Barn is just about the best place you’ll find.

The Best Family Reunions Venue in East Texas

The 3,750-foot facility will hold both sides of your family along with as many extended family relatives as you like up to 225 attendees. And, with a 22-ton air conditioner, everyone is going to stay cool, calm, and collected. The Party barn also has a buffet and roundtables, and a large outdoor area with a gazebo.

After you hand out the t-shirts, point out the oldest living relative, and dine on the covered dish spread you knew would be there, you can have a rented bounce house in the back and play games like softball, kickball, or horseshoes.

Best of all, the Party Barn has a 5-disc CD changer to play your family favorites and allowing all to dance the night away. Whether inside or out, every one of all ages can line dance, polka, jitterbug, or square dance and just have good old-fashion fun.

Other family reunion activities that will keep everyone smiling and talking are:

  • setting up a crafting table
  • a water balloon toss
  • an egg race
  • a talent show
  • telling family stories
  • charades

The Party Barn is just right for a family reunion, providing a generous indoor space in case of inclement weather, and an outdoor play area large enough for sitting and games. Give us a call and let us get your event on the calendar. We’ll help you have the best reunion ever!

Awesome School Reunion Venues

Most reunions happen every five to ten years. They are a great way to connect with friends from elementary, junior high, high school or college. Whether you’re carpooling with friends you knew from your school or bringing a date, it’s more enjoyable if the venue is a good one. Savory food and drink, an appealing atmosphere and crowd all contribute to a successful event.

Awesome School Reunion Venues

Here are some great school reunion venues to remind you of happy, fun days with fellow classmates:

A Barn: Like the movie, Footloose, the fun, and dancing can occur in a barn. The smell of hay, music, and friendships inspire a rollicking good time.

The Beach: Want to feel young again? Go to the beach! The waves edging to the shoreline and relaxing ocean breezes are bound to make you and your school friends reminisce about the good old days, involving plenty of sitting by bonfires and toasting marshmallows. It’s a great place to connect again and celebrate living.

A Movie Theater: Want to relive your high school or college years? Show a slide show and celebrate all the fun times. Have popcorn, soda, and watch a movie together after. Rent out a theater and gather your guests for a star-studded evening.

A Cruise: The sun is just going down and the sky is full of golden hues. You can have your love with you on a magical, starry night, along with your friends from high school or college. The night is young and you’re ready for drinks and appetizers. It’s a great place, on the ocean or a bay to laugh and laugh some more.

A Scavenger Hunt: There’s nothing like going to the actual school you attended and remembering all the places you used to hang out…on the quad, in the cafeteria, or on the soccer field. Why not have teams where people can search for reminders of their homerooms or majors? The more creative the better. And a reward of pizza and beer after wouldn’t be so bad either.

A Service Activity-Joining together in the spirit of helping others is a great way to reconnect. Even if you didn’t volunteer together in high school, college or junior high, there’s nothing wrong with getting involved in helping nearby communities. Some ideas for service projects are beach cleanups, helping the homeless, volunteering to read to blind children, or helping out the elderly. There’s always a positive reward when serving and it doesn’t involve money…giving back is extremely fulfilling, especially with a group of friends and former classmates.

Ready for some fun at a school reunion? The ideas listed above are just a few to choose from. Contact us for more information and inspiration.

Taking Your School Banquet Off Campus

Celebrating their success and growth is a season highlight for many students in school teams and clubs. While many groups choose to hold their end-of-season banquets in school cafeterias or gyms, there are benefits to bringing your end-of-season celebration off campus and into our 3,750 square foot event space.

Taking Your School Banquet Off Campus

Open Catering Options

At the Party Barn, groups have access to a full kitchen, including oven, stove top, sink, commercial refrigerator, and prep area, for the duration of your contracted time. This enables groups to have parents, teachers, coaches or students prepare food for the banquet on-site. The kitchen can also be used to store and heat the food from the caterer of your choice. Four buffet tables are provided for your group to serve food and drinks from.

Your Space, Your Schedule

When you schedule a banquet at the Party Barn, space is exclusively available to your group during the time you are contracted for. Times to hold your banquets are available for both weeknights and weekend days or nights. Rental of the space for four hours on a weeknight (Monday – Thursday) begins at an affordable $500. Holding your banquet off campus at the Party Barn is ideal for teams and clubs at schools with multiple after-school activities or with several teams needing end-of-season banquets around the same time.

Bringing your team’s or club’s banquet off campus opens up choices for both timing and catering while adding the excitement of getting together away from school. For more information about holding your banquet at the Party Barn, contact our staff today!

Leave Employees Glowing With A Fall Social Event

They’ve worked hard for you all year. Now it’s time to book social event venues in Wylie and reward them with an evening they’ll long remember. Why not make it a glow party? Glow parties are fun, easy to put together and suitable for adults. Plus, the extra lighting adds a certain ambiance to any party space, especially ours.

Leave Employees Glowing With A Fall Social Event

Bendable glow sticks typically sell for less than $2 a piece. They may be used as napkin rings and twisted into centerpieces. In addition, we’ve seen people place them inside of helium-filled balloons. So they could light up archways or make a spectacular balloon drop too.

Glow parties also lend themselves to a variety of food and drink menus. For instance, you could strategically place black lights around the bar. They’ll make simple gin and tonics look positively ethereal. And any appetizer will do if the plates are glow-in-the-dark. The disposable variety may be found at a number of party supply stores near social event venues in Wylie.

Our venue’s partners may be able to help your team access those supplies and others. For instance, we work with companies including local photo booth vendors. They often allow their customers to personalize everything from the booth’s exterior to the props and backgrounds. So you could make those items glow in the dark too.

And it may even be possible to outfit the party’s wait staff in glowing uniforms as well. White or neon colored tux shirts and bow ties would work as would specialty wristbands. Furthermore, some of the staff may be willing to wear glow-in-the-dark makeup or half-aprons. Many restaurant industry suppliers sell such items to servers and the general public alike. To learn more about hosting a glow party at social event venues in Wylie for your employees this holiday season, please contact us.

5 Affordable DIYs That Will Transform Any Event Venue

You’ve chosen the venue, you’ve hired the caterer, you’ve sent out invitations. Now, all there is left to do is figure out how to decorate the place. You could hire a decorator, but that requires more money (honestly more than you’re willing to spend), and most event decorators are booked well in advance. So what can you do?

5 Affordable DIYs That Will Transform Any Event Venue

Between YouTube, Pinterest, and the vast wonders of the internet, many people have pocketed more than half of their decor budget by using DIY projects. Do-it-yourself projects have become the standard for personalizing an event at an affordable price.

Here are 5 DIY projects that will make any event a lot more snazzy, with a little bitty budget:

1. DIY Selfie Booth & Props

Ah, the infamous photo booth-home to cowboys hats, oversized glittered glasses, and mustaches! No party is complete without one, and this one is special! The art of the selfie is elevated to new heights when combined with a cool backdrop and props! Make sure to have plenty of selfie sticks on hand and good lighting to make this DIY project the topic of conversation at your next social event!

2. Bubble String Lights

These lights, made from ping-pong balls and Christmas lights, can be used for daytime and nighttime events. Simply turn them on to light up the night (and provide light for your DIY selfie booth!), or keep them off as cute decor for ‘before 5’ events. Besides ping-pong balls and Christmas lights, you may need a xacto knife to help with cutting.

3. Tassel Garland Tutorial

For daytime events such as bridal showers, baby showers, luncheons, etc., tassel garlands are a classy alternative to pictures, banners, and heavy items that may require nails to hang. They take about 5-10 minutes to make, and all they require is tissue paper, twine or string, and scotch tape. Tissue paper comes in an array of colors and patterns, so the possibilities are endless!

4. Glow in the Dark/Light Balloons

Since we don’t have a raised dance floor, balloons are a great way of directing guest to a particular area to bust a move! Glow in the dark balloons are a cool visual and an easy DIY to make. If you don’t want to break out the pesos to get mini LED lights, you can also purchasemini glow sticks to place inside the balloons. Glow in the dark balloon can also be hung from the ceiling and placed in vases as table decor. Glow sticks last 6-8 hours so you will get plenty of use from them.

5. Setting up a Candy Buffett

Displaying a candy buffet is a big money saver and adds a tasty aesthetic to your party. Candy buffets, set up with bags or jars, can be taken home as edible party favors and will be a hit among friends, family, classmates, and co-workers! All you need is some jars, a variety of candy, a table, and some do-it-yourself decor to make this simple and affordable DIY come to life. (See project one for some suggestions!)

As long as your decor isn’t a safety hazard, doesn’t harm the facility, and is legal, anything goes! Our website contains a detailed floor plan so that you can get a generalized idea of where you want everything set up. We also have an amazing gazebo and a large outdoor area for bouncy houses, slip -n- slides, etc.

For more information or questions about our venue, you may visit our website or contact us here!

Four Tips That can Energize Corporate Meetings

Meetings can be informative, engaging, and at times intense. What you don’t want is for your audience of bosses, potential investors and dedicated employees to feel bored or worst of all frustrated. The following is a list of ways for speakers, managers, and corporate event organizers to add a spark to an event. To add a bit of gravitas to you may only need to alter a few minutes of your presentation and use the following techniques.

Four Tips That can Energize Corporate Meetings

Set an example and get excited 

If you want people to get excited, start there yourself and set the tone, of the event. People feed off of the energies of the leader, and you can set that tone in seconds when speaking to a crowd. Give them clues with looks and gestures and they will follow. If you come in gloomy your audience will be dower and if you hype yourself up the crowd will be pumped. Stay focused, engaged and ready to accomplish something and keep away clouds of fear and confusion. Using this technique will lead to a friendly and engaged crowd.

Acknowledge successes

Make sure to bring up hard work and good fortune and develop a positive culture. Putting upcoming work or the future project of your company at the forefront of your speech might seem the best course, but your team deserves acknowledgment for their achievements. Make your audience, your team, and your boss know that you are landing clients, finishing projects and getting things done. The work will come, and you should already know the areas where your company can improve. Address your businesses shortcomings when you have a productive solution, but prove your company is up to the challenge. Make the group feel hopeful and strong but be realistic about what it takes to continue winning in the future.

Provide action steps

Don’t start your presentation unless you have a plan for how things should go for the company moving forward.  If your company is suffering from a budgeting shortfall outline what kinds of budget cuts or revenue increases it will take to put you back in the black. Don’t delegate the planning process completely, be aware of the steps in the plan and be able to explain them clearly and without ambiguity. Taking this step will make your team and your audience feels they are speaking with a confident competent leader.

Choose or create the perfect setting

As a part of knowing the plan, tend to every detail of the corporate event to make sure it is fun, filled with respect for the company and its branding, and suggestive of value. Make sure the audio and video systems are up and functioning and that your cues are set. If there is a bar, make sure it’s stocked and the same goes for food. If you have a host at the event make sure they are fun without being distracting.

Contact a professional corporate event organizer to make sure things run smoothly, it’s the right way to delegate and handle a big event.

Event Venue Decoration Ideas: Winter Flower Options

Did you know that winter color schemes don’t have to focus on everything white, silver, gold, red, ice blue or green? There are other, more colorful ways to celebrate the season. At their hearts are winter hardy flowers. Here’s a quick look at five that will help give you event venue decoration ideas for the colder months:

Event Venue Decoration Ideas: Winter Flower Options

1.) Tulips

Traditionally thought of a spring flower, tulips are available in the Wylie area year round. So you can definitely use them to decorate ballrooms during the winter. Choose a color that symbolizes the things that make a marriage great. Examples include red (love) and black (passion).

2.) Gerbera

He loves me, he loves me not. Is that the first thing that comes to your mind when presented with a colorful gerbera? Part of the daisy family, they’ve long been considered symbols of love. The most common ones are white and yellow but hybrids have expanded this beloved flower’s color palate. So now you can get them in everything from hot pink and raspberry to peach and orange.

3.) Amaryllis

Third on our list is a trumpet-shaped flower rich in color. We’re talking about amaryllis. You’ve probably seen them in a number of spring bouquets. The corals are exceptionally pretty but you don’t have to stick with it either. With this fragrant gem, there are literally hundreds of color combinations to choose from. So have fun creating the perfect ballroom decorations.

4.) Ranunculus

Remember rubbing butter cups on your chin as a child? Back then, it was a way to show off with friends. As an adult, you can use similar flowers to display your affection for a new spouse. Yes, we’re thinking of a ranunculus. Reminiscence of the buttercup, they’d make excellent centerpieces or add flourish to butter cream clad cakes.

5.) Roses

Lastly, we can’t forget about winter roses. Use dried ones, along with baby’s breath, to make napkin rings or boutonnieres.  In addition, you could make your own rose-water as gifts for the guests. The little bottles would surely look pretty tied with bows and placed at a ballroom’s entrance table. Do you like our suggestion thus far? If so, contact us to uncover more event venue decorating ideas for winter.

A Party for Every Holiday!

A holiday is a wonderful excuse to bring people together. Everyone has been to some kind of Christmas party, but what about occasions for the other holidays of the year? With the perfect Holiday Party Room, an exciting selection of activities, and food to fit your theme, you’re sure to spice up any holiday!

A Party for Every Holiday!

New Year’s Eve

Everyone loves the excitement of partying until midnight, drinking champagne, and reminiscing of the year together. Why not plan the perfect dance party countdown? Supply a DJ for a night of dancing that your friends will never forget! Champagne floats, decorative cake pops, spinach and artichoke dip with bread and chips, and mini quiches are the perfect hors d’oeuvres for you and your guests to munch on all evening as you make memories and set goals for the new year.

Valentine’s Day

Why not plan a Valentine’s Day formal? It’s the perfect excuse for couples to dress up and dine in style before ending the evening with a few dances. Select a caterer of your choice to serve filet mignon along with a decadent cheesecake for dessert. Decorate with white, pink, and red balloons and prepare a playlist of the most romantic songs to dance to. What wouldn’t lovebirds swoon over the opportunity to enjoy a formal dinner and dance with their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?

Independence Day

Every family loves to get together for a wholesome, family-friendly 4th of July lunch. Invite your extended family and their children to gather for an afternoon of relay races, socialization, and a meal of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, and coleslaw. End the event with patriotic songs and enjoy a blueberry and strawberry trifle with whipped cream for the occasion!


Get your spookiest costume ready for a Halloween dance! Dim the lights and display haunting jack-o-lanterns around the room while your guests dance to the perfect playlist of ghostly music. Your friends will love the opportunity to dance and show off their costumes, and you can prepare a photo booth to preserve the memories from your chilling night of fun!


Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a stressful family event. Bring in a caterer and set up tables and chairs to fit family and friends without the hassle of squeezing into one person’s dining room. Display a cornucopia and decorative autumn wreaths for everyone to enjoy. Your friends and family will love the stress-free occasion to celebrate gratitude as they feast together without worrying about preparing or cooking food! Bring in a delicious selection of pies so everyone can leave full and satisfied from a wonderfully-planned event.

With just a few of these ideas and perhaps a little more inspiration from you and your friends, you can easily create the perfect event for any holiday of the year!