Celebrate Your Love: Anniversary Venue

It doesn’t matter if this anniversary is silver or golden — it’s a time to celebrate love! At the Party Barn, we have the perfect anniversary venue for you to plan for any theme that you can come up with, whether it is a casual gathering or a formal renewal-of-vows ceremony.

Celebrate Your Love: Anniversary Venue

Need some help planning? Here are a couple of good tips to keep you on track. Contact us today to schedule!

Capture the nostalgia

No matter what decade the couple married in, a hint of nostalgia could be just the right touch — play music from the era, and style the decor based on what the time period was known for. Make the cake in the image of the original. If the wedding dress is available, put it on display along with pictures of the wedding. If you’re planning a vow renewal ceremony, model as much as possible after the original wedding for the ultimate effect.

Make new memories, but keep events to a minimum

Believe it or not, anniversary parties are fine just as they are — additional things to do just add confusion, and guests will be more than happy just catching up and reminiscing with each other. Take a family portrait, especially if there are guests that are from out-of-town, but don’t plan anything more than the bare essentials. A pleasant open space and plenty of time are all you need. Our indoor and outdoor areas are both beautiful meeting places for just an occasion!

Regardless of how you set it up or how many memories you make, never forget the reason behind the anniversary celebration in the first place: all the wonderful memories made over the years.