How to Choose Your Anniversary Venue

When it comes to your big anniversary celebration, you want to choose the venue that’s perfect to celebrate the relationship. To truly make the event a special one for your loved ones planning to join, you’ll want to rent a venue that will suit all of your needs and make having the perfect party comfortable and easy for everyone. Here’s what to consider as you choose your anniversary venue.

How to Choose Your Anniversary Venue

Space: You’ll want to have the space you need for everyone to enjoy the party, and you shouldn’t forget to consider the versatility of the space. Will guests be able to enjoy the area both indoors and outdoors? Will they be able to sit and relax, and also get up and dance, too? How easy will it be for everyone to mingle and travel around the room?

Amenities: Consider the extras your venue will have to make the party easiest for you. What will you need to bring? Will you be able to bring what you want? At Party Barn, we’re sure to provide you with eating tables and chairs, buffet tables, a sound system, and a full kitchen–and you can bring in any caterer you want (or cook yourself)! With a setup like this, your anniversary celebration can be customized, with the small details taken care of to make it easy for you.

Decor: Image is everything–how will your party look? It’s important to check with the venue beforehand to ensure you can decorate the way you’d like, and that you’ll have a plethora of picture-perfect moments for anniversary photo opportunities. Be sure to examine both your venue’s visual appeal and its rules on decorating for events. For example, when rented, Party Barn allows any and all decor, as long as it’s legal, and includes a large inside space as well as an exterior gazebo for those snapshot-worthy moments.

For more details on crafting the perfect anniversary party, contact us today!