What if we need the facility for additional hours?
To come in early: $50 per hour; early hours are only available depending on the previous night’s party.  The only option on Sunday is 8:30 am for $100. To stay late: $80 per hour;  2 am is the latest.

Are we required to clean-up the night of the party?
Yes.  The facility must be cleaned by you before you leave the premises.  This is a nice option for persons working with a tight budget.  Otherwise, we will provide the clean-up for an additional $250.00.  We do not supply trash cans, trash bags, mops or brooms even if you elect to pay for clean-up services.

What forms of payment do you accept for the rental fee?
Cash, Personal Check, or Money Orders Only: We do not accept credit cards for the Party Barn.  Anything within 45 days of the party is cash only.

Can I pay the building deposit with a credit card or check?
No.  The building deposit is paid in cash only on the day of your party and returned the Monday after your party assuming there are no damages and everything is cleaned when you leave.  The only exception is you can pay the deposit with a check at least 45 days in advance and the check will be deposited at that time.  A deposit paid like this will be returned within a week after the party in the form of a check.

Is there an additional charge for doing the ceremony at your location?
No, we do not charge extra for you to do the ceremony and reception here.

What is the distance from the back door to the gazebo?
Approximately 120 feet

Are there electrical outlets outdoors?
No, you will have to bring extension cords in order to have electricity at the gazebo.
$25 per picket on gazebo if damaged

Does your facility offer any set-up, clean-up or decoration options?
Yes.  We can set-up the tables and chairs for an additional $100.00, provide the clean-up for $250.00 or hang twinkle lights from the ceiling for $100.00.  The services can be booked up to 3 weeks prior to your party and paid the day of the party.

Are we required to use your caterer?
No.  We do not provide catering, but you can prepare the food yourself, hire your favorite restaurant, or use a catering company.

What types of decorations are allowed?
Any decorations are allowed as long as it does not harm the facility and is legal.  Our outside area is perfect for parties that include children because we allow activities such as bounce houses.  We have also hosted many “casino” style parties because our large facility is perfect for setting up black jack and roulette.  So, have fun and let your imagination take over!

Can I sell tickets or charge admission at the door or before the party?  Can I sell food or drinks?
No.  Tickets & or cash may not be accepted for admission, food or drinks.  Doing so will result in your event being cancelled and all monies paid by the renter will be forfeited.

How large is your facility?
3,750 square feet

Is there a dance floor?
Our floor is perfect for all types of dancing; however there is no raised dance floor.  Every part at The Party barn has dancing.

What are the sizes of the shelves in the refrigerator?
They are approximately 16 feet wide and 21 inches deep

How many parking spots do you have?
There are approximately 75 parking spots.

Are the white chairs in the photos part of your package?
No.  The white chairs can be rented at most party rental businesses.

Everything must be out of the building the time stated on the contract.  Anything delivered that is not removed at the end time, such as tables, chairs, margarita machines, etc, must be left outside on the side and be off the property by 8:00am the next morning.

Tables, chairs, & other items that are delivered cannot stay on the property until Monday for pick-up.