A Fun Twist on Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings are traditionally hosted in hotels because it is the cookie-cutter way of doing meetings. Unfortunately, sometimes this approach is too formal and boring. And in a modern and ever-changing culture, finding new ways to doing things always makes its wave. This means it’s not only about the location, meeting space or the food served, but instead what are the new and exciting ways a venue can offer to you to provide your meeting with a whole new experience unlike before.

A Fun Twist on Corporate Meetings

The Party Barn is an example of a fresh concept in hosting your corporate meeting. We offer a twist to meetings, with the intention to create a better and fun meeting environment. Think of Party Barn as a business playground, in which your corporate meeting space is flexible, with a loose, open and spacious environment completely all for you and your employees. You don’t have to share the space like you would in a hotel.

Within this business playground, Party Barn has large tables for your use. Turn it into a casual, strategic thinking table for people, and arrange them however you want. Nothing about the environment suggests a strict, tight and boring corporate meeting. Instead, because the venue is unique in allowing you to use our full kitchen, you can select what foods to cater. Having the option to choose from a favorite or popular local restaurant instead of choosing from a limited menu makes it more appealing for everyone.

When it’s time for breaks, take advantage of Party Barn’s large outdoor space surrounded by greenery and a gazebo. Based on the time limit of the breaks, you can get creative, break out of the norm and offer fun activities to employees, whether it is a sporting, cultural or recreational one. And if it’s too hot to go outside in the Texan heat, the Party Barn has air conditioning for your comfort. Should you need heat, we’ve got you covered as well.

Change the way you do corporate meetings and add a twist to it. Provide a team-building environment so your employees can bond and enjoy their time during the company gathering. Break out of the norm, and don’t make it a strict business environment. Create a fun and unforgettable experience, and everyone will be thankful for it.

Hosting at a hotel cannot beat Party Barn’s reasonable prices. Discounts are also provided for corporate meetings hosted Monday – Thursday. For more information, contact us, and we’ll gladly answer all of your questions.