How To Plan Quinceaneras On A Budget

Turning fifteen is a big deal. A quinceanera is a celebration, not only of your daughter’s birthday but it’s a celebration honoring her transformation from a girl into a woman. It’s a once in a lifetime party she’ll remember forever. But how do you create the perfect quinceanera when you’re on a budget?

How To Plan Quinceaneras On A Budget

Start Early: The earlier you start planning her quinceanera, the more time you’ll have to save up some money and figure out how to make her dream party happen. Start bouncing ideas and find out what she does and does not want. Begin to plan the party early, and you can shop around. You can also figure out what you can make yourself such as putting together some of the decorations by hand.

Involve Your Daughter In The Planning: The birthday girl should, of course, have a say in the planning but make sure she understands that there may be restrictions on what she can and can’t have. Ask her what’s most important to her. For example, if her biggest wish is an amazing dress she may have to let go of the idea of a DJ.  Guests may be the most expensive part of a quinceanera. Catered parties can cost $40 per person or more. Be selective about the guest list. Your daughter will probably have more fun hanging out with her friends than her entire high school.

The Gown: Budgeting for a dress is hard. New dresses can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Websites like Doris Wedding or ICDresses are a good place to find inexpensive gowns. Be on the look out for sales at chain stores such as JCPenny and David’s Bridal. No matter where you get the dress pay attention to the store or websites return policy particularly when ordering online. If something happens, like the dress not fitting, you may only have a brief window to return it. Getting the dress early is also important if you plan to tailor it. Tailoring can take weeks.

The Food: Catering can cost a lot of money. Considering making the food yourself or enlisting the help of relatives. Party Barn has a kitchen facility perfect for heating up meals or keeping things cold. We also have buffet tables. Buffets are the easiest way to serve food to large crowds.

The Cake: The quinceanera cake is one of the most important parts of the celebration. One way to save money, particularly when serving a large crowd is to follow an old wedding trick. If you’re buying from a bakery, buy both a tiered cake and a sheet cake to feed your guests. Sheet cakes serve more people than tiered cakes. Display the tiered cake then move it to the kitchen after the birthday girl blows out her candles. Bring the plates of sliced cake out to the buffet table. No one will know about the sheet cake, and you’ll serve a large crowd without blowing your budget.

Another alternative is to do away with cake altogether. What about a plate of elegantly displayed birthday doughnuts at each table? A stack of large birthday cookies? Birthday candy? Birthday pie? Feel free to get creative.

The Décor: Dollar stores are a great place to get party supplies. So are discount party supplies such as Oriental Trading Company. Consider a color scheme such purple and blue or choose a theme. For example, a Candyland theme might have soft, pastel, colors. If you don’t like the idea of paper plates and napkins, consider renting your décor.  Party rentals are often used at weddings and include tableware like tablecloths, napkins, and plates.

Centerpieces don’t have to come from a florist. Doing it yourself is another way to save serious cash. A centerpiece can be fake flowers, a small vase of candy, or even feathers. Pinterest is filled with elegant looking, inexpensive, DYI, ideas for beautiful centerpieces.

 The Music: DJ’s are a great way to keep the party going, but they aren’t cheap. If you choose to forego the DJ, consider having your daughter create mix CD’s meant for dancing. Party Barn has a 5 CD changer for hours of music.

A quinceanera doesn’t have to break the bank to be a fantastic party. At its heart, a quinceanera is a celebration of your daughter and her family. So remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. For more information about renting the Party Barn contact us.