Social Event Venue at Party Barn

If you are looking for a venue to host your social event, look no further than the Party Barn. The Party Barn has been family owned and operated for 20 years. Some of the events at The Party Barn include weddings, birthday parties, family/school reunions, quinceañeras, anniversary’s, graduations, business events and more.

Social Event Venue at Party Barn

One aspect that sets Party Barn apart is that you may handle your own catering.

The kitchen is free for you to use in your own way. This gives the client the freedom to choose their own catering to fit the needs of their own events whether that be Chinese food for a Chinese new year party, cultural cuisine for a family gathering, or finger foods for a business event.

Another positive aspect is that you may decorate in any way you see fit. There is an outside area as well, which is perfect for children’s events, equipped with a gazebo located 250 feet from the facility.

The facility is 3750 square feet which are large enough for any social event and accommodates up to 225 people. There are approximately 75 parking spots to accommodate all of the party goers. There is also a sound system with 5 disc CD changer to keep the guests entertained.

You have the option to clean the facility after the event or hire a clean up crew provided by Party Barn. Party Barn may also provide set up for an additional fee.

Check out our recent testimonials:

“The staff was beyond friendly, and willing to help in any way for your social event.”

“The atmosphere was nice, warm, and casual.”

So when planning your social event and in shopping for your social event venue, look no further than the Party Barn.