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Selecting The Perfect Adult Birthday Party Venue

If you are thinking about throwing a surprise birthday party for your spouse to celebrate an upcoming milestone, finding the perfect location for the event is sure to be on your mind. The comfort of your guests, as well as the probability in pulling off a surprise, is necessary. Here are some tips to consider when making a venue selection.

Selecting The Perfect Adult Birthday Party Venue

Find Out About Temperature Control

It is important to use a venue where extreme temperatures do not cause guests discomfort. If the party is to be held outdoors during the heat of the summer, having fans on hand to aid in cooling guests is necessary. Alternately, a wintertime event should have adequate heating capabilities.

See If Parking Will Be Adequate

When surprising someone, it is necessary to try keeping guests’ vehicles out of view so they do not guess a party is about to occur. Selecting a location where there are a few entrances or a vast parking area will ensure vehicles will not give away the secret.

Ask About Amenities Available

A party venue where staff members handle the details will be greatly appreciated by those throwing the event. This will free up time for other important tasks. Allow a venue to take care of the catering, giving you the peace of mind the food and beverages served will be top-notch.

To help with your party planning, contact us to find out more about our venue. A tour of the facility can be conducted and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions to help you host an ultimate surprise party for your loved one.

4 Questions You Need to Ask Your Adult Birthday Party Venue

Birthday parties are a wonderful way to celebrate growing older with friends and family. And they aren’t just for children either. Adult birthday parties present a terrific opportunity to showcase individual style and personality in an exciting way. But how can you ensure you have the perfect adult birthday party venue? Here are four questions you need to ask your venue coordinator.

4 Questions You Need to Ask Your Adult Birthday Party Venue

How many people will this venue safely hold?

Knowing your venue’s guest capacity is something you will want to make sure you learn before sending out invitations. In fact, this figure should set the bar for all other party planning aspects, especially when securing catering and party supplies. Having a set figure of how many people can fit safely in your chosen venue will allow you to adjust your guest list accordingly and allow you to make necessary changes to your budget and overall party plans.

Do you have a policy in place regarding alcohol?

Because this is an adult party, you may want to provide your guests with access to alcoholic beverages, in addition to other refreshments. Checking your venue’s alcohol policy gives you a blueprint as to what you can provide and what’s not allowed on your venue’s premises.

Is there a noise ordinance in this area?

A noise ordinance is a law that defines the amount or level of noise allowed for a particular area. This law sets limits on the volume of your music or band and at what time if defined, your music must stop. Understanding what is legally allowable for your venue’s area will help you narrow down any entertainment choices for your party.

Will there be a member of your staff on the premises during my event?

It is important to know who will be on hand during your event. While we do our best to plan every detail, sometimes unexpected situations do arise and you’ll want to make sure you know what to do if something should go wrong. Things beyond your control such as power failure can occur and it will save time if you know who to reach out to. If your venue will not have any staff on hand, you should make sure there is a dedicated number you can call for emergencies.

Planning an adult birthday party is a fun and unique experience. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in designing an unforgettable event!

Turning the Big 5-0? Here’s the Perfect Party Venue

Happy Birthday! The big day is coming. Is it the big three-oh, four-oh, or five-oh?  Another one? You’re going to have a huge party, right?  Have you got decorating ideas? Check. Know what you want to have for food?  What kind of cake you’ll have?  Check. But where are you going to throw this shindig? We’ve got the perfect party venue.

Turning the Big 5-0? Here's the Perfect Party Venue


If you’re having your event catered, that’s that much less for you to worry about on the big day.  If not, we’ve got you covered with a full kitchen.


Worried about how to get it all done?  Don’t!  We have the optional set-up so we can take care of the tables and chairs.  This lets you concentrate on everything else.  Because when you get to your age, you need all the help you can get!


With optional twinkle lights on the ceiling and a gazebo outside, you’ll be able to make this day extra special.


Planning on partying pretty hard?  Go low stress for the end of the night and choose the option of letting us clean up for you!  You’re going to be tuckered out, so if you choose, we can take care of all that for you.

You’ve got enough on your plate dealing with a big birthday like Something-Oh. You don’t need the headache of figuring out where to have your party and cleaning up afterwards. So when planning your big day, contact us.