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Bring Joy To Those Preparing Your Event Venue

At The Party Barn, we take a modern, multifaceted approach to coordinating the best events and meetings. As we dive into our passion for planning meetings to remember, we want to share some nifty things bound to thrill us, and any savvy event planner:

Bring Joy To Those Preparing Your Event Venue

A Prematurely Full House

After jumping through the hurdles of securing a venue, setting a date, and running an advertising campaign to attract and engage, hoping for positive turnout brings anxiety, and possibly panic as the day of the meeting draws near. As we track RSVPs through email and other outlets, it always excites and reassures us when we see reservations hit max capacity. Not only does this open opportunity for future events, but it also assists us in further analyzing the anticipated audience and how to adjust the event program and venue aesthetics in a way that most pleases them.

Cheery Reminders

A chime from our smartphone. The flash of a green check mark as we buckle down on our interactive to-do lists. Slips of neon paper poking out of floral planners, directing us to turn to a certain page just to make sure we’re right on track. Solid event planners know that putting on a great show means attention to the clock. Bright reminders in the form of Post-it notes and bold-tipped Sharpies motivate and keep us in check!

A Montage of Memories

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The options for sharing the highlights of your meeting continue to emerge and evolve. Live streaming that allows viewers and attendees alike to watch the event again not just excites, but touches us as we look back on the span of a huge project. Reminiscing through pictures, video, and text leaves room for feedback and which strategies work best for extraordinary events.

Handwritten forms of “Thank you”

After the event’s finale, simple, handwritten “thank you” notes bring smiles to our faces, pushing us as we plan our next project. These gestures aren’t simply niceties. They’re trinkets of encouragement as we continue our growth.

Our team thrives on positivity to bring you the greatest experience possible, whether your meeting is intimate or far-reaching, leisurely or diplomatic. We hope this little list gives you a closer glimpse as to what drives us in versatile meeting planning. Contact us today to discuss the best event venue for your party!