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Now That You Have a Party Room, Let’s Have Some Fun!

Sometimes you have a true event to celebrate, other times you just need an excuse to get together with a bunch of friends and have a great time. Throwing a party gives you a chance to express your creativity and show your fun side. There is no need to limit your invite list because you are cramped for space in your small home. Renting a venue for your next party will allow you to focus on the details that really count.

Now That You Have a Party Room, Let's Have Some Fun!

What are some fun party ideas that can give you a reason to celebrate any day of the year?

  • Theme Parties

Theme parties are a fun excuse for grown adults to dress up in costume and show their creative side. A party centered on a time-era such as the roaring twenties or the hippie sixties will give your party the structure it needs for you to get creative with the decorations and the soundtrack.

  • Formal Ball

We may be enamored with the sophistication of a bygone era but never dream of being able to live that role yourself. Hosting a formal ball is a way of getting the tuxedo’s out of storage or finally being able to show off grandmothers pearls.

  • Food and Drink Event

Are you a foodie or a real connoisseur of fine wine or craft beer? How about having an event to show off the food and drink that you are passionate about. A potluck event where your gifted friends can show off their inner gourmet will get all involved in the party and take the weight of hiring a caterer off your shoulders.

There are so many reasons to celebrate life. Let us help you in planning your next big event or host that “no special reason” excuse to get together with friends. Contact us on how our Party Barn can be the perfect venue for your next shindig.

A Fun Twist on Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings are traditionally hosted in hotels because it is the cookie-cutter way of doing meetings. Unfortunately, sometimes this approach is too formal and boring. And in a modern and ever-changing culture, finding new ways to doing things always makes its wave. This means it’s not only about the location, meeting space or the food served, but instead what are the new and exciting ways a venue can offer to you to provide your meeting with a whole new experience unlike before.

A Fun Twist on Corporate Meetings

The Party Barn is an example of a fresh concept in hosting your corporate meeting. We offer a twist to meetings, with the intention to create a better and fun meeting environment. Think of Party Barn as a business playground, in which your corporate meeting space is flexible, with a loose, open and spacious environment completely all for you and your employees. You don’t have to share the space like you would in a hotel.

Within this business playground, Party Barn has large tables for your use. Turn it into a casual, strategic thinking table for people, and arrange them however you want. Nothing about the environment suggests a strict, tight and boring corporate meeting. Instead, because the venue is unique in allowing you to use our full kitchen, you can select what foods to cater. Having the option to choose from a favorite or popular local restaurant instead of choosing from a limited menu makes it more appealing for everyone.

When it’s time for breaks, take advantage of Party Barn’s large outdoor space surrounded by greenery and a gazebo. Based on the time limit of the breaks, you can get creative, break out of the norm and offer fun activities to employees, whether it is a sporting, cultural or recreational one. And if it’s too hot to go outside in the Texan heat, the Party Barn has air conditioning for your comfort. Should you need heat, we’ve got you covered as well.

Change the way you do corporate meetings and add a twist to it. Provide a team-building environment so your employees can bond and enjoy their time during the company gathering. Break out of the norm, and don’t make it a strict business environment. Create a fun and unforgettable experience, and everyone will be thankful for it.

Hosting at a hotel cannot beat Party Barn’s reasonable prices. Discounts are also provided for corporate meetings hosted Monday – Thursday. For more information, contact us, and we’ll gladly answer all of your questions.

Social Event Venue at Party Barn

If you are looking for a venue to host your social event, look no further than the Party Barn. The Party Barn has been family owned and operated for 20 years. Some of the events at The Party Barn include weddings, birthday parties, family/school reunions, quinceañeras, anniversary’s, graduations, business events and more.

Social Event Venue at Party Barn

One aspect that sets Party Barn apart is that you may handle your own catering.

The kitchen is free for you to use in your own way. This gives the client the freedom to choose their own catering to fit the needs of their own events whether that be Chinese food for a Chinese new year party, cultural cuisine for a family gathering, or finger foods for a business event.

Another positive aspect is that you may decorate in any way you see fit. There is an outside area as well, which is perfect for children’s events, equipped with a gazebo located 250 feet from the facility.

The facility is 3750 square feet which are large enough for any social event and accommodates up to 225 people. There are approximately 75 parking spots to accommodate all of the party goers. There is also a sound system with 5 disc CD changer to keep the guests entertained.

You have the option to clean the facility after the event or hire a clean up crew provided by Party Barn. Party Barn may also provide set up for an additional fee.

Check out our recent testimonials:

“The staff was beyond friendly, and willing to help in any way for your social event.”

“The atmosphere was nice, warm, and casual.”

So when planning your social event and in shopping for your social event venue, look no further than the Party Barn.

How to Choose Your Anniversary Venue

When it comes to your big anniversary celebration, you want to choose the venue that’s perfect to celebrate the relationship. To truly make the event a special one for your loved ones planning to join, you’ll want to rent a venue that will suit all of your needs and make having the perfect party comfortable and easy for everyone. Here’s what to consider as you choose your anniversary venue.

How to Choose Your Anniversary Venue

Space: You’ll want to have the space you need for everyone to enjoy the party, and you shouldn’t forget to consider the versatility of the space. Will guests be able to enjoy the area both indoors and outdoors? Will they be able to sit and relax, and also get up and dance, too? How easy will it be for everyone to mingle and travel around the room?

Amenities: Consider the extras your venue will have to make the party easiest for you. What will you need to bring? Will you be able to bring what you want? At Party Barn, we’re sure to provide you with eating tables and chairs, buffet tables, a sound system, and a full kitchen–and you can bring in any caterer you want (or cook yourself)! With a setup like this, your anniversary celebration can be customized, with the small details taken care of to make it easy for you.

Decor: Image is everything–how will your party look? It’s important to check with the venue beforehand to ensure you can decorate the way you’d like, and that you’ll have a plethora of picture-perfect moments for anniversary photo opportunities. Be sure to examine both your venue’s visual appeal and its rules on decorating for events. For example, when rented, Party Barn allows any and all decor, as long as it’s legal, and includes a large inside space as well as an exterior gazebo for those snapshot-worthy moments.

For more details on crafting the perfect anniversary party, contact us today!

3 Must-Haves For Any Social Event Venue

Special occasions aren’t frequent enough so if you are planning one, you don’t want to miss a step. Aside from all the details of your upcoming event, there are a few things you will want to consider. We’ve created a list of 3 Must-Haves for any Social Event Venue.

3 Must-Haves For Any Social Event Venue

Adequate Size

Anytime you are planning an event you want to give the amenities center a head count. Due to fire safety regulations, the venue occupancy cannot exceed a specified limit. You also want to make sure space isn’t so limited that your guests will be turned away. To ensure the comfort of your guests it’s probably a good idea to request their opinion on what a comfortable maximum occupancy is.


A few things to consider is how many restrooms will be available and whether or not they are easily accessible. If you plan to have food and drinks find out if a kitchen is included or even a bar area. Before you make your final decision, walk-thru to confirm the venue is perfect for the event you envision. Take a pen and paper to take down measurements and or questions you want to confirm later.

Friendly Staff

The last thing an event hostess needs is stress added due to unprofessional staff. If you are wondering about the service you received upon requesting information then you may want to continue your search. Customer service is everything, especially for special occasions. Their service represents their business etiquette so make sure it surpasses your expectation.

If you are planning a social event please feel free to contact us with any questions!

What to Look for in an Event Venue

Planning an event is challenging. Not only do you need to focus on the event itself, but you also must find the perfect event venue. When you are looking for a venue for your event, try looking for the follo
wing items. They will help you make sure you have the perfect venue.

What to Look for in an Event VenueConsider the Size

The most important thing any event must have is the right amount of space. You should determine how many people you expect to attend and plan accordingly. However, you should also have a contingency plan in place in the chance that more people attend your event than expected. For example, renting a room that can easily be expanded may be the best option.

Consider the Guests

Also, you will want to make sure your guests are comfortable throughout the event. For many, this could mean making sure they have access to Wi-Fi or charging stations for their phones. Others may simply need to ensure their guests are properly hydrated, fed and have access to restrooms.

Consider the Timing

Finally, think about the time of day you will be holding your event and choose a venue that works with this time of day. Make sure you visit your venue during the time of your event. This will help you determine how the venue will look to your guests during your event. In the end, planning your venue around the time of your event will help make sure your event is beautiful to all in attendance.

These particular items will help you make sure your event is successful. When you are looking for your event venue, make sure you keep them in mind. To learn how we can fulfill all your venue needs, be sure to contact us today.

Summer Social Events

Summer Social EventsSummer is soon upon us and soon it’ll be time for swimming, beaches, barbecues, and vacation trips. But summer is also the time for parties. There is the 4th of July, and graduation parties. Summer is also an excellent time for family reunions. Or perhaps you don’t really need a reason to throw a summer party. When the weather is fine, the sun is out, and the kids are not in school it is simply fun to invite friends and family for drinks and convivial conversation.

However, holding a party, or a reunion, or any of the other kinds of social events that you can think of is not always an easy task. For instance, venue can be problematic. Perhaps you do not have a house large enough for a large gathering, or your neighbors would not appreciate the noise. Even if you can find a hall to hold your social event, there is still the issue of decoration, food and drink, and music. Then there is the issue of cleaning up before and after the party. In other words, there are many factors to consider when planning a party.

So if you wish to hold a party this summer, but wish to avoid the stress, hold your social events at The Party Barn. The Party Barn has all your party needs such as: a full kitchen, a large area for dancing, a large outdoor area and gazebo, and 75 parking spots for you and your guests.

So contact us now and The Party Barn will help you throw a party with all of the fun and none of the fuss.

Creative Wedding Planning on a Budget

This is your time to shine and you want your special day filled with long-lasting memories. There is a lot to do and you might feel overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and embrace the moment. Yes, planning the wedding does require some organization and patience but all the hard work is worth it in the end. Here is a checklist and some creative tips to maximize your time and help you stay on budget.

  • Creative Wedding Planning on a BudgetSet the date
  • Guest list
  • Dress 6 months
  • Caterer 9 – 12 months
  • Location 9 – 12 months
  • Florist 6 – 9 months
  • Cake 6 – 9 months
  • Invitations 6 months
  • Pictures 9 – 12 months
  • Video 6 – 9 months
  • Music 9 – 12 months
  • Official 9 – 12 months

While you’re planning the wedding you still have to live. Determine the budget and prioritize your needs versus wants. The dress and banquet will take up over half the budget.  Use some discipline to get the most out of the budget.

Tip # 1 – You will only wear your dress once. Borrowing a dress, renting a dress, buying from a consignment shop, shopping at outlet stores or online are ways to think outside the box.

Tip # 2 – People want to help make your day special and in some cases prefer giving money over buying a gift. Setting up an account just for your wedding is a great way for people to contribute.

Tip # 3 – Being in control does not mean doing everything yourself. Hiring a wedding planner or delegating someone from the wedding party will free up your time to complete other wedding tasks.

Tip # 4 – One stop shopping is always a good option in lieu of saving time and money. Ask around friends and family about venue companies who specialize in pre-made or customized wedding and event packages.

Tip # 5 – Before confirming any deals always review your vendor’s customer ratings and read contracts carefully. The internet is a valuable resource but only if you take the time to do the necessary research. What you don’t know is what will cause you grief.

On a final note, sometimes less is better. Making your day special does not mean you need to break the bank. There are a lot of different ways to save money while enjoying the planning process. Just be creative and think outside the box.

If you are having a wedding, graduation or other social event we want to make it a memorable occasion. For more information on our products and services contact us today.

Plan Your Wedding At The Party Barn!

Have you dreamed of getting married at a private Gazebo for your “big day”? If so you have found it in The Party Barn. We are the perfect site just minutes from Plano to host your wedding and reception. The reception hall holds up to 225 people and is always comfortable with our HVAC system. Be your own caterer because we don’t make you buy food and drink from us. The sky is the limit on decorations. You decorate how you want it to look. Our venue is perfect for any bride that wants to have a beautiful wedding and a fun time without breaking the bank.

Plan Your Wedding At The Party Barn!