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The Best Family Reunions Venue in East Texas

This is the time of year when many folks host a family reunion. The kids are usually not back in school yet; the weather is commonly sunny and bright; everyone is up for a get-together. As for the venue choice for your gathering, the Party Barn is just about the best place you’ll find.

The Best Family Reunions Venue in East Texas

The 3,750-foot facility will hold both sides of your family along with as many extended family relatives as you like up to 225 attendees. And, with a 22-ton air conditioner, everyone is going to stay cool, calm, and collected. The Party barn also has a buffet and roundtables, and a large outdoor area with a gazebo.

After you hand out the t-shirts, point out the oldest living relative, and dine on the covered dish spread you knew would be there, you can have a rented bounce house in the back and play games like softball, kickball, or horseshoes.

Best of all, the Party Barn has a 5-disc CD changer to play your family favorites and allowing all to dance the night away. Whether inside or out, every one of all ages can line dance, polka, jitterbug, or square dance and just have good old-fashion fun.

Other family reunion activities that will keep everyone smiling and talking are:

  • setting up a crafting table
  • a water balloon toss
  • an egg race
  • a talent show
  • telling family stories
  • charades

The Party Barn is just right for a family reunion, providing a generous indoor space in case of inclement weather, and an outdoor play area large enough for sitting and games. Give us a call and let us get your event on the calendar. We’ll help you have the best reunion ever!

Family Reunions: When Only Face-to-Face Celebrations Will Do

Tired of just chatting on Facebook and Skype? We don’t blame you. Why not bring everyone together, face to face, at a family reunion venue in Wylie, Texas? On average, anywhere from 100 to 225 family members are likely to make the trek to a reunion site. So choose one that has great parking and ample seating. A great example is the Party Barn’s 3,750-square foot, family reunion venue.

Family Reunions Venue in Wylie: When Only Face-to-Face Celebrations Will Do

Located on FM 544, it’s within an easy drive off Interstate 78 and brand name, area lodging venues. Thus, attendees will be able to car pool to and from the family reunion venue quite easily. Also, shuttle service and public transit are available for those attendees that may not want to cram into a minivan filled with their long-lost cousins. Either way, once at the venue of FM 544, they’ll be plenty of room for everyone to spread out.

Round tables that seat eight are perfect for family reunion set-ups. They allow for great conversations and photo opportunities to occur. In addition, there’s typically a great view of the large dance floor and outdoor party space as well. So when guests tire of being in the air conditioning or climate controlled heat, they can feel free to wander outdoors. There’s a white gazebo out there that’s accessible via a paved pathway.

The pathway meanders through a meticulously kept, grassy lawn and ends at the gazebo. The gazebo’s fetching surroundings, covered roof, and overall architecture make it a fantastic spot to take family photos. And if your family is too large to fit underneath of the gazebo at one time, don’t worry. There surrounding lawn is big enough to cover the overflow. Check out our gallery of photos and you’ll see what we mean.

To learn more about our family reunion venue and the best ways to party in Wylie, please contact The Party Barn staff today.

Make a Family Reunion Appeal to the Whole Crowd

Family reunions are one of the most demographically varied events that bring people together. It is tough to have a reunion that family members of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.

Make a Family Reunion Appeal to the Whole Crowd

Here are a few key things that can help your event appeal to everyone:

Room with a View

No one likes being packed in like sardines, so you have to plan ahead and make sure you can fit everyone that is attending. Make sure there is adequate seating. Consider padded chairs to accommodate elderly family members, and provide slings or booster seats for those with infants and toddlers.

And decorate! This can improve the atmosphere, as well as provide people with something to look at when they aren’t occupied. A photo slide show is one popular option. Something as simple as balloons and streamers can vastly improve the impression of an event.

This is where a venue can be advantageous. There is plenty of room, diverse decoration and activity options, and no one person has to host the event.

Food, Glorious Food

Food is a difficult thing at a reunion. So many varied tastes and diet restrictions. Also, be sure you have enough.  Any family is likely to have members with allergies or vegetarian preferences. Some older people can have trouble digesting certain foods, and many children are quite picky.

A good solution to this is to have a potluck style event. Each part of the family is likely to bring something that their own members enjoy and can eat, as well as bringing enough for themselves and others. It’s also a brilliant way to showcase those good old family recipes.

Music to My Ears

Yet another area where tastes are wildly varied. Music is one of the main things that can make or break an event. People tend to have extremely strong likes and dislikes when it comes to music, and it is almost impossible to please everyone.

The most important thing with music is not to have it too loud. A reunion is about socializing with family. If it is difficult (especially for those hard of hearing or with hearing aids) to hear conversation over the din of music, the event will not be as pleasant of an experience. Lower volume can also help with the issue of taste. A song that you dislike is more easily tuned out if it isn’t as loud.

You might also try having breakout sessions for dancing. Every half hour or so, put on a song at higher volume and bring people to the dance floor. Try having songs for different age groups each time, like the “Hokey Pokey” or “Shake Your Sillies Out” for kids, “My Blue Heaven” for the older couples, and the “Macarena” or “Electric Slide” for a variety of ages.

Ah, Fresh Air

Having an outdoor area at a reunion can be very helpful in keeping people entertained, particularly children. It gives them room to run and play, helping them expend excess energy. It also helps keep adults from getting bored, sleepy, or claustrophobic.

Outdoor games can help lighten the atmosphere as well. Things like bean bag toss, tug-of-war, and horse shoes can appeal to just about anyone.

For more helpful hints and information about a family reunion venuecontact us at the Party Barn, and we’ll be happy to help you!

The Perfect Venue to Host Your Family Reunion

The Perfect Venue to Host Your Family ReunionLike most Americans, our childhood is accented with memories of summertime family reunions. Many can remember backyard barbecues, meeting great aunts and second cousins for the first time and rekindling friendships long dormant over the previous year. But with the changing trends in the world today, many families are spread to opposite corners of the country and can easily lose contact with one another. According to AARP, only 23% of young to middle age adults actually go to an annual family reunion. Finding the perfect venue to host your family reunion just might change those odds.

When choosing a venue for family reunions, take the following into account.

1. Family size and facility capacity

Before getting your heart set on a venue, calculate an estimate of how many persons you can expect to travel in for the event and then research venues that would accommodate that number. It would be very unfortunate to turn anyone away at the door, so allow ample room for expansion as additional guests may show up the day of the event.

2. Climate and comfort needs

If your event will be held in the summertime, ensure that your older family members and/or infirm ones will be able to seek shelter in air-conditioned areas or in ample shade. Choosing a venue that has plenty of seating, heating and cooling abilities will enable your guests to have a safe and comfortable time.

3. Food and beverage

If you will be self-catering the event, choose a venue that has large kitchen space with all needed appliances such as refrigerator and oven.

Choosing the right venue is just one of the first steps in planning your family reunion. For more ideas on how to make this event memorable and a tradition to be repeated in the years to come, please contact us.

Why a Venue Is the Best Location for Your Family Reunion

Why a Venue Is the Best Location for Your Family ReunionOrganizing a family reunion is definitely not an easy task, but it is often a worthwhile one, especially when you have lots of family members that live far apart from one another. At a family reunion, you can get everyone together to catch up and create great memories to remember for many years. Having a reunion at a house is not always an ideal option, but a venue like The Party Barn can provide an excellent gathering place.

Invite Everyone and Comfortably Fit Them All

It is tough enough to get all of your family to meet in the same general place. Often, you will have some people staying in hotels and others staying with family members that live in the same town or city. Since most homes are not able to accommodate more than a dozen people, you will find that a venue can provide your family with plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable during the family gathering.

No Need for a Host to Carry the Burden

Hosting such an event is a huge burden to carry, especially since almost no home is equipped to house a large family, especially when it comes to cooking and serving meals to everyone. It is best to handle such an enormous task at a venue, where you have enough room to host and keep it all organized.

Ensure It Is a Memorable Experience

At a venue, you are likely to have a memorable experience with your family. Instead of worrying about not having enough space to move around or eat in the same area, you can focus on talking with all of your relatives and creating long-lasting memories that you can look back on for the rest of your life.

If you have any questions about our venue, do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking for a venue for your next reunion?

Looking for a venue for your next reunion? Look no further, The Party Barn has you covered! Whether you are looking for a central location to meet up with your extended family or making plans to see your high school pals, spring is the perfect time to start planning! Feel free to bring your own food or hire you favorite restaurant to cater your party. We will provide you with a kitchen, tables, a sound system, and plenty of room for your group to have the time of their lives!

Give The Party Barn a call and get your reunion date set!

Looking for a venue for your next reunion?