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High School Graduation Venue: Goodbye and a Good Start

The end of the high school years and the beginning of college: parents and students save, think, worry, consider, reconsider, research and plan this for years. The transition is a joy tempered with sadness. It is a move from childhood to adulthood, from adolescent activity to grownup responsibility. The party marking this passage is a celebration, and here are nine ways for a memorable “you’re off to university!”

High School Graduation Venue: Goodbye and a Good Start

Get the party pros to help: Party Barn Events supplies an air-conditioned/heated venue, tables, chairs, a sound system, full kitchen and plenty of parking. Kids, teens, and adults can enjoy time together while we do the setup and break down, or invite group participation in the event and provide your own setup and clean up.

Decorate in school colors: Be the proud parent and show your child’s colors. Decorate the party area with flags, streamers, balloons, and pennants from the college of their choice.

Marching band? Cheerleaders? School fight song? Sure!: Coordinate with invited guests from your child’s high school to sing, play or cheer him or her into the party. It’s your last chance as a parent to embarrass your kid this way.

Include a game zone in the festivities: Keep the younger set off their smartphones and offer old-fashioned carnival games with prizes.

A safe and secure gift table: Most people send cash or gift cards these days, but some will bring gifts. Make sure you provide a place to stash them.

Speaking of gifts: what to give?: People ask what your student needs. Set up a college registry, similar to a wedding registry. Or suggest placing money on your child’s college account, used for books, tuition, and meals. Or buy a laundry basket and ask guests to bring specific and necessary items to fill it, such as soap, detergent, stain remover spray, non-perishable snacks, soups, rolls of quarters for the laundry machines, coffee, hot cocoa, and tea.

Offer disposable cameras to friends and family: Let guests record the event, collect the cameras after the party and enjoy the special moments as others see them.

A remembrance wall or timeline: Post photos with a hand-drawn timeline, showing your college-bound kid’s path, pursuits, and pastimes. Include photos and captions about loved ones not present, whether unable to attend or deceased. This is a time to look forward, appreciate the past and praise all the people who raised your child to this point.

Now is the time to update contacts: With nearest and dearest present, the party is a good time for your collegiate-to-be to update their smartphone contact list. When an emergency happens and your child has to reach a family member now, that current contact list is vital. Updating the contact list also provides you with the security and knowledge that others love and care about your child as much as you do.

To help with your high school grads party planning, contact us to find out more about our venue. A tour of the facility can be conducted and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions to help you host an ultimate start off to university for your loved one.