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A Party for Every Holiday!

A holiday is a wonderful excuse to bring people together. Everyone has been to some kind of Christmas party, but what about occasions for the other holidays of the year? With the perfect Holiday Party Room, an exciting selection of activities, and food to fit your theme, you’re sure to spice up any holiday!

A Party for Every Holiday!

New Year’s Eve

Everyone loves the excitement of partying until midnight, drinking champagne, and reminiscing of the year together. Why not plan the perfect dance party countdown? Supply a DJ for a night of dancing that your friends will never forget! Champagne floats, decorative cake pops, spinach and artichoke dip with bread and chips, and mini quiches are the perfect hors d’oeuvres for you and your guests to munch on all evening as you make memories and set goals for the new year.

Valentine’s Day

Why not plan a Valentine’s Day formal? It’s the perfect excuse for couples to dress up and dine in style before ending the evening with a few dances. Select a caterer of your choice to serve filet mignon along with a decadent cheesecake for dessert. Decorate with white, pink, and red balloons and prepare a playlist of the most romantic songs to dance to. What wouldn’t lovebirds swoon over the opportunity to enjoy a formal dinner and dance with their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?

Independence Day

Every family loves to get together for a wholesome, family-friendly 4th of July lunch. Invite your extended family and their children to gather for an afternoon of relay races, socialization, and a meal of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, and coleslaw. End the event with patriotic songs and enjoy a blueberry and strawberry trifle with whipped cream for the occasion!


Get your spookiest costume ready for a Halloween dance! Dim the lights and display haunting jack-o-lanterns around the room while your guests dance to the perfect playlist of ghostly music. Your friends will love the opportunity to dance and show off their costumes, and you can prepare a photo booth to preserve the memories from your chilling night of fun!


Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a stressful family event. Bring in a caterer and set up tables and chairs to fit family and friends without the hassle of squeezing into one person’s dining room. Display a cornucopia and decorative autumn wreaths for everyone to enjoy. Your friends and family will love the stress-free occasion to celebrate gratitude as they feast together without worrying about preparing or cooking food! Bring in a delicious selection of pies so everyone can leave full and satisfied from a wonderfully-planned event.

With just a few of these ideas and perhaps a little more inspiration from you and your friends, you can easily create the perfect event for any holiday of the year!

Now That You Have a Party Room, Let’s Have Some Fun!

Sometimes you have a true event to celebrate, other times you just need an excuse to get together with a bunch of friends and have a great time. Throwing a party gives you a chance to express your creativity and show your fun side. There is no need to limit your invite list because you are cramped for space in your small home. Renting a venue for your next party will allow you to focus on the details that really count.

Now That You Have a Party Room, Let's Have Some Fun!

What are some fun party ideas that can give you a reason to celebrate any day of the year?

  • Theme Parties

Theme parties are a fun excuse for grown adults to dress up in costume and show their creative side. A party centered on a time-era such as the roaring twenties or the hippie sixties will give your party the structure it needs for you to get creative with the decorations and the soundtrack.

  • Formal Ball

We may be enamored with the sophistication of a bygone era but never dream of being able to live that role yourself. Hosting a formal ball is a way of getting the tuxedo’s out of storage or finally being able to show off grandmothers pearls.

  • Food and Drink Event

Are you a foodie or a real connoisseur of fine wine or craft beer? How about having an event to show off the food and drink that you are passionate about. A potluck event where your gifted friends can show off their inner gourmet will get all involved in the party and take the weight of hiring a caterer off your shoulders.

There are so many reasons to celebrate life. Let us help you in planning your next big event or host that “no special reason” excuse to get together with friends. Contact us on how our Party Barn can be the perfect venue for your next shindig.