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High School Graduation Venue: Goodbye and a Good Start

The end of the high school years and the beginning of college: parents and students save, think, worry, consider, reconsider, research and plan this for years. The transition is a joy tempered with sadness. It is a move from childhood to adulthood, from adolescent activity to grownup responsibility. The party marking this passage is a celebration, and here are nine ways for a memorable “you’re off to university!”

High School Graduation Venue: Goodbye and a Good Start

Get the party pros to help: Party Barn Events supplies an air-conditioned/heated venue, tables, chairs, a sound system, full kitchen and plenty of parking. Kids, teens, and adults can enjoy time together while we do the setup and break down, or invite group participation in the event and provide your own setup and clean up.

Decorate in school colors: Be the proud parent and show your child’s colors. Decorate the party area with flags, streamers, balloons, and pennants from the college of their choice.

Marching band? Cheerleaders? School fight song? Sure!: Coordinate with invited guests from your child’s high school to sing, play or cheer him or her into the party. It’s your last chance as a parent to embarrass your kid this way.

Include a game zone in the festivities: Keep the younger set off their smartphones and offer old-fashioned carnival games with prizes.

A safe and secure gift table: Most people send cash or gift cards these days, but some will bring gifts. Make sure you provide a place to stash them.

Speaking of gifts: what to give?: People ask what your student needs. Set up a college registry, similar to a wedding registry. Or suggest placing money on your child’s college account, used for books, tuition, and meals. Or buy a laundry basket and ask guests to bring specific and necessary items to fill it, such as soap, detergent, stain remover spray, non-perishable snacks, soups, rolls of quarters for the laundry machines, coffee, hot cocoa, and tea.

Offer disposable cameras to friends and family: Let guests record the event, collect the cameras after the party and enjoy the special moments as others see them.

A remembrance wall or timeline: Post photos with a hand-drawn timeline, showing your college-bound kid’s path, pursuits, and pastimes. Include photos and captions about loved ones not present, whether unable to attend or deceased. This is a time to look forward, appreciate the past and praise all the people who raised your child to this point.

Now is the time to update contacts: With nearest and dearest present, the party is a good time for your collegiate-to-be to update their smartphone contact list. When an emergency happens and your child has to reach a family member now, that current contact list is vital. Updating the contact list also provides you with the security and knowledge that others love and care about your child as much as you do.

To help with your high school grads party planning, contact us to find out more about our venue. A tour of the facility can be conducted and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions to help you host an ultimate start off to university for your loved one.

Choose the Perfect “End of School” Party Event Venue

If you are looking for a reason to party then we’ve got you covered. It’s been a long school year, and believe it or not, summer break is already approaching. After a great year, the thought of summer break is an awesome idea and celebrating academic achievements is even greater.

Choose the Perfect "End of School" Party Event Venue

One of the best ways to kick-off the summer is to throw an “End of School” party. You might have seen some great ideas people are sharing on the web, but the most important step is selecting the right event venue. This is where Party Barn in Wylie, TX comes in because it is a great place to host your party. Not only does Party Barn have great pricing rates, but also all the amenities you’ll need to throw a great party such as a large dancing area, a full kitchen, on-site parking and so much more.

An “End of School” party is a great way to get friends together, make new ones, and start the summer with a great event that is sure to have everyone talking. Great “End of School” parties are typically held in mid to late June, but all sorts of parties could be held any time of year at Party Barn. One of the great things about already having a venue selected is that it makes everything else smoother and not a difficult process to organize once you schedule a date.

The school year is a long one, but having different events throughout the year is one sure way to make it not seem that way. Be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can help you plan the perfect party any time during the year.

How to Choose Your School Reunion Venue

High school reunions are a great way to catch up with old friends and classmates. There is a lot of planning that goes into making this a night to remember, however, and it is important to choose the right venue to provide the perfect atmosphere for your big night. While there are a lot of details that go into organizing a reunion, the first step is deciding where it will take place. Here are a few things to consider when trying to answer how to choose your school reunion venue.

How to Choose Your School Reunion Venue


Consider how many people you are inviting to the reunion and who will attend. Most of the time, even if you had a big graduating class, not everyone will show up. However, you want to have enough space for everyone to feel comfortable. Party Barn has a capacity of 225 guests with room for buffet tables, dancing space, and an outdoor area.


Make sure you have enough budgeted away for a nice venue. The right venue doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it should be a big part of your budget since the location is such a big part of planning the event. Make sure you understand the hourly rates and any other extra fees, as well as what forms of payment your venue takes. We offer a comprehensive list of all costs.


Certain amenities, such as air conditioning, tables, etc., may be important for your event depending on your needs and the time of the year. The party barn offers both heat and ac, a full kitchen, tables, a sound system, and plenty of parking for guests.


This is one of the most important aspects of your school reunion venue. The Party Barn’s unique business model allows planners to create the perfect evening by choosing your own caterers, choosing to have more tables or more dancing space, and decorating how you want. This will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

Contact us today to find out more or book your upcoming reunion!

Turning the Big 5-0? Here’s the Perfect Party Venue

Happy Birthday! The big day is coming. Is it the big three-oh, four-oh, or five-oh?  Another one? You’re going to have a huge party, right?  Have you got decorating ideas? Check. Know what you want to have for food?  What kind of cake you’ll have?  Check. But where are you going to throw this shindig? We’ve got the perfect party venue.

Turning the Big 5-0? Here's the Perfect Party Venue


If you’re having your event catered, that’s that much less for you to worry about on the big day.  If not, we’ve got you covered with a full kitchen.


Worried about how to get it all done?  Don’t!  We have the optional set-up so we can take care of the tables and chairs.  This lets you concentrate on everything else.  Because when you get to your age, you need all the help you can get!


With optional twinkle lights on the ceiling and a gazebo outside, you’ll be able to make this day extra special.


Planning on partying pretty hard?  Go low stress for the end of the night and choose the option of letting us clean up for you!  You’re going to be tuckered out, so if you choose, we can take care of all that for you.

You’ve got enough on your plate dealing with a big birthday like Something-Oh. You don’t need the headache of figuring out where to have your party and cleaning up afterwards. So when planning your big day, contact us.

Looking For A Great High School Reunion Venue? We’ve got it!

You’ve been out of high school for some time.   Perhaps it’s been 15 years, or 25 years, maybe even 30 years.   You want to organize a wonderful gathering of old friends – some you may have seen recently, others not for years and years.    You want a comfortable, reasonably priced venue where you can let loose and have some fun.   We know just the right place!

Looking For A Great High School Reunion Venue? We've got it!

The Party Barn, conveniently located in Wylie, TX has everything you need to make this event great.   As a family owned and operated business, we take great pride in the personal service we have offered for over 20 years.    The Party Barn can offer you a space that will hold up to 225 of your classmates and their guests.   We developed the unique idea of allowing our guests to handle their own catering.   You can enlist your own caterer or if you have a chef in your mix, we have a full kitchen available on site where he or she can amaze everyone with their talent.

Plan on reliving the music of the time?  No problem at all. We have a great sound system and a large area for dancing.   Finally, no high school reunion venue would be complete without a spot for those fabulous memories captured in photos.  Again, we have it!  Our beautiful outdoor area with a lovely gazebo is the perfect backdrop for those pictures of a lifetime.

Plan your upcoming reunion at The Party Barn.  You will be glad you did.  Our staff will work with you every step of the way to make this experience a great reminder of those long ago fun times with your classmates.   Contact us today for more information.

Throw Your Grad an Unforgettable Party!

The last homework assignment has been turned in. The finals have been taken. Yearbooks have been signed and teachers have been thanked. Your graduate walks the stage, shakes hands and throws their cap. Now it’s time to party! The Party Barn makes the perfect graduation reception venue  and we’ve got some great theme ideas for your event!

Throw Your Grad an Unforgettable Party!

Beach Party

With summer beginning, a beach theme is perfect for your graduation party! Try a few of these decor ideas:

  • String up beach balls to hang from corner to corner
  • Fill vases with sand, seashells and votive candles for an easy centerpiece
  • Fill plastic beach buckets with utensils, napkins, and snacks
  • Use a child’s inflatable pool to hold ice and drinks
  • Set up a tiki bar, complete with fruity drinks and little umbrellas

College Theme Party

Is your grad headed to their favorite state or private school? Throw a party with that school’s theme!

  • Ask your guests to come in their team’s colors
  • Use the grad’s school’s colors as your theme colors
  • Buy a t-shirt from the school and have all the guests sign the shirt
  • Add your school’s music to the playlist
  • Set up a college-themed photo backdrop, complete with props and a sign with your party’s hashtag

Western Theme

  • Put together a playlist full of old and new country music
  • String up lights across a dance floor and surround it with hay bales for seating
  • Recruit a brave volunteer to teach the crowd some simple line dances
  • Use handkerchiefs as napkins
  • Fill a wheelbarrow with ice and drinks
  • Set up a game of horseshoes and ring toss
  • Put together an indoor smores station using Sterno cans for mini campfires

Whether it’s beachside, college-themed or a western affair, The Party Barn is the perfect venue for your graduation party. Contact us to see how we can help you plan the perfect event!

Host Your Teen’s Sweet 16 Party at The Party Barn

Host Your Teen's Sweet 16 Party at The Party BarnIf your teenage daughter is planning her sweet 16 party, you might not have put a lot of thought into the perfect venue. In fact, you might be thinking about hosting the party at home. However, there are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to rent a nice venue like one at The Legacy instead.

Keep the Mess Out of Your Home

Teens can be loud, boisterous and messy, especially when they’re all together and are all celebrating an exciting event. You don’t want to spend the whole party worrying that they are making a mess in your home. By hosting the party at The Party Barn, this is one less thing that you have to worry about.

Allow More Invites

Your teen probably wants to invite all of her friends to the party, but you might not have enough room in your home to accommodate everyone. By renting a venue at The Party Barn, there will be more than enough room to allow more invites.

Let Your Teen Feel More Grown Up

A sweet 16 party is a pretty big deal for many teen girls. You probably want to make it as special as possible, and renting a venue is a great way to do it. Your teen is sure to feel all grown up if you go all out and rent a nice venue.

As you can see, renting a venue at The Party Barn can be the perfect option for your teen daughter’s sweet 16 party. If you contact us at The Party Barn, we can talk to you about your options.

Summer Social Events

Summer Social EventsSummer is soon upon us and soon it’ll be time for swimming, beaches, barbecues, and vacation trips. But summer is also the time for parties. There is the 4th of July, and graduation parties. Summer is also an excellent time for family reunions. Or perhaps you don’t really need a reason to throw a summer party. When the weather is fine, the sun is out, and the kids are not in school it is simply fun to invite friends and family for drinks and convivial conversation.

However, holding a party, or a reunion, or any of the other kinds of social events that you can think of is not always an easy task. For instance, venue can be problematic. Perhaps you do not have a house large enough for a large gathering, or your neighbors would not appreciate the noise. Even if you can find a hall to hold your social event, there is still the issue of decoration, food and drink, and music. Then there is the issue of cleaning up before and after the party. In other words, there are many factors to consider when planning a party.

So if you wish to hold a party this summer, but wish to avoid the stress, hold your social events at The Party Barn. The Party Barn has all your party needs such as: a full kitchen, a large area for dancing, a large outdoor area and gazebo, and 75 parking spots for you and your guests.

So contact us now and The Party Barn will help you throw a party with all of the fun and none of the fuss.

Plan Your Quinceanera at Party Barn!

Looking for the perfect venue for your daughter’s quinceanera? Party Barn has you covered! One of the most important celebrations in Mexican culture is the tradition of the quinceanera. This is the day a young girl will symbolically be escorted into womanhood. A quinceanera is special for the girl as well as her family who has raised her to this point.

Let the Party Barn help plan your quinceneara! Make the day everything you have envisioned and more with our fully operational building! Contact us today and start planning the quinceneara you’ve dreamed about! Plan your quinceanera at Party Barn today!

Plan Your Quinceanera at Party Barn!