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The Best Quinceaneras in Wylie, Texas, Happen at the Party Barn

It’s almost time for her quinceanera. You know that plans have to be made but wonder which Wylie, Texas, venue would be best. Her day has to be special. There is no doubt about that. And the venue has to accommodate anywhere from 200 to 225 people because the entire family will want to come celebrate her 15th birthday. May we suggest that you consider the Party Barn?

The Best Quinceaneras in Wylie, Texas, Happen at the Party Barn

Full Kitchen, Buffet Tables and Folding Chairs Included

Our 3,750-square foot facility is an ideal place to host trendy quinceaneras. It comes complete with round tables, buffet tables and a full kitchen.

Custom or Traditional Table Linens Available Locally

Plus, the tables and chairs at our Party Barn are perfect for princess-style linens. For example, many families are choosing to go with fluffy, crinoline dresses, mantillas and pienetas as a nod to the flamenco outfits of yore. So they are opting to cover the metal chairs that we have in house with black linens first.

Next, they’re tying the backs of the chairs with bold colored crinoline in place of satin sashes. Sometimes, they’ll also add single-stem flowers, beads and other accouterments to the crinoline too. All of these decorative linens may be rented locally or brought by the quinceanera child’s family.

Sound System, Dance Floor and Electrical Outlets On-Site

Of course no quinceanera would be complete without singing and dancing. So families renting out the Party Barn will have opportunity to use our flat dance floor and 5-disc CD system to help get the party started. Hired bands and other entertainers are welcome to come as well. However, they’ll need to bring their own microphones and extension cords the day or evening of the quinceanera.

To learn more about why the Party Barn is the perfect place to hold quinceaneras, please contact us today.

Plan Your Quinceanera at Party Barn!

Looking for the perfect venue for your daughter’s quinceanera? Party Barn has you covered! One of the most important celebrations in Mexican culture is the tradition of the quinceanera. This is the day a young girl will symbolically be escorted into womanhood. A quinceanera is special for the girl as well as her family who has raised her to this point.

Let the Party Barn help plan your quinceneara! Make the day everything you have envisioned and more with our fully operational building! Contact us today and start planning the quinceneara you’ve dreamed about! Plan your quinceanera at Party Barn today!

Plan Your Quinceanera at Party Barn!