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Taking Your School Banquet Off Campus

Celebrating their success and growth is a season highlight for many students in school teams and clubs. While many groups choose to hold their end-of-season banquets in school cafeterias or gyms, there are benefits to bringing your end-of-season celebration off campus and into our 3,750 square foot event space.

Taking Your School Banquet Off Campus

Open Catering Options

At the Party Barn, groups have access to a full kitchen, including oven, stove top, sink, commercial refrigerator, and prep area, for the duration of your contracted time. This enables groups to have parents, teachers, coaches or students prepare food for the banquet on-site. The kitchen can also be used to store and heat the food from the caterer of your choice. Four buffet tables are provided for your group to serve food and drinks from.

Your Space, Your Schedule

When you schedule a banquet at the Party Barn, space is exclusively available to your group during the time you are contracted for. Times to hold your banquets are available for both weeknights and weekend days or nights. Rental of the space for four hours on a weeknight (Monday – Thursday) begins at an affordable $500. Holding your banquet off campus at the Party Barn is ideal for teams and clubs at schools with multiple after-school activities or with several teams needing end-of-season banquets around the same time.

Bringing your team’s or club’s banquet off campus opens up choices for both timing and catering while adding the excitement of getting together away from school. For more information about holding your banquet at the Party Barn, contact our staff today!