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Leave Employees Glowing With A Fall Social Event

They’ve worked hard for you all year. Now it’s time to book social event venues in Wylie and reward them with an evening they’ll long remember. Why not make it a glow party? Glow parties are fun, easy to put together and suitable for adults. Plus, the extra lighting adds a certain ambiance to any party space, especially ours.

Leave Employees Glowing With A Fall Social Event

Bendable glow sticks typically sell for less than $2 a piece. They may be used as napkin rings and twisted into centerpieces. In addition, we’ve seen people place them inside of helium-filled balloons. So they could light up archways or make a spectacular balloon drop too.

Glow parties also lend themselves to a variety of food and drink menus. For instance, you could strategically place black lights around the bar. They’ll make simple gin and tonics look positively ethereal. And any appetizer will do if the plates are glow-in-the-dark. The disposable variety may be found at a number of party supply stores near social event venues in Wylie.

Our venue’s partners may be able to help your team access those supplies and others. For instance, we work with companies including local photo booth vendors. They often allow their customers to personalize everything from the booth’s exterior to the props and backgrounds. So you could make those items glow in the dark too.

And it may even be possible to outfit the party’s wait staff in glowing uniforms as well. White or neon colored tux shirts and bow ties would work as would specialty wristbands. Furthermore, some of the staff may be willing to wear glow-in-the-dark makeup or half-aprons. Many restaurant industry suppliers sell such items to servers and the general public alike. To learn more about hosting a glow party at social event venues in Wylie for your employees this holiday season, please contact us.

Don’t Wait to Make Social Event Venue Reservations

Did you know that now is the time to choose social event venues for 2018? Most people are still reeling from the holidays. So their minds aren’t fully on the parties they may be planning for spring, summer or autumn. This gives early birds like you the edge when it comes to securing the social event venue’s most popular days of the year.

Don’t Wait to Make Social Event Venue Reservations

As wedding planners and similar information sources commonly point out, the most sought after dates tend to occur on weekends. So which weekends should you book and what social event venue is best? It all depends on your guest list, budget, and party needs. Bottom line, the social event venue should be highly responsive to, and capable of meeting, the latter item on our short list.

Budgets and guests, on the other hand, tend to be more flexible. For example, maybe it isn’t necessary to invite your third-grade teacher and the office staff to your daughter’s Quinceanera or your son’s high school graduation. If they absolutely have to be there, perhaps there are ways to adjust the budget accordingly. For instance, it may be more cost-effective to host a brunch instead of a late dinner or choose a weekend after a major holiday.

Choosing social event venues that don’t force vendor lists upon their clients or demand everyone purchase ala carte package components may help with budgetary issues too. In some cases, social event venue staff may be willing to cut deals during off-peak periods as well. It never hurts to ask, especially if you plan on hosting events in Wylie or the surrounding area more than once a year. Social event venue management tends to be very open to price negotiations in those cases. To learn more the advantages of choosing social event venues early on and how to secure the best deals, please contact the Party Barn crew today.