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Selecting The Perfect Adult Birthday Party Venue

If you are thinking about throwing a surprise birthday party for your spouse to celebrate an upcoming milestone, finding the perfect location for the event is sure to be on your mind. The comfort of your guests, as well as the probability in pulling off a surprise, is necessary. Here are some tips to consider when making a venue selection.

Selecting The Perfect Adult Birthday Party Venue

Find Out About Temperature Control

It is important to use a venue where extreme temperatures do not cause guests discomfort. If the party is to be held outdoors during the heat of the summer, having fans on hand to aid in cooling guests is necessary. Alternately, a wintertime event should have adequate heating capabilities.

See If Parking Will Be Adequate

When surprising someone, it is necessary to try keeping guests’ vehicles out of view so they do not guess a party is about to occur. Selecting a location where there are a few entrances or a vast parking area will ensure vehicles will not give away the secret.

Ask About Amenities Available

A party venue where staff members handle the details will be greatly appreciated by those throwing the event. This will free up time for other important tasks. Allow a venue to take care of the catering, giving you the peace of mind the food and beverages served will be top-notch.

To help with your party planning, contact us to find out more about our venue. A tour of the facility can be conducted and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions to help you host an ultimate surprise party for your loved one.

The Best Family Reunions Venue in East Texas

This is the time of year when many folks host a family reunion. The kids are usually not back in school yet; the weather is commonly sunny and bright; everyone is up for a get-together. As for the venue choice for your gathering, the Party Barn is just about the best place you’ll find.

The Best Family Reunions Venue in East Texas

The 3,750-foot facility will hold both sides of your family along with as many extended family relatives as you like up to 225 attendees. And, with a 22-ton air conditioner, everyone is going to stay cool, calm, and collected. The Party barn also has a buffet and roundtables, and a large outdoor area with a gazebo.

After you hand out the t-shirts, point out the oldest living relative, and dine on the covered dish spread you knew would be there, you can have a rented bounce house in the back and play games like softball, kickball, or horseshoes.

Best of all, the Party Barn has a 5-disc CD changer to play your family favorites and allowing all to dance the night away. Whether inside or out, every one of all ages can line dance, polka, jitterbug, or square dance and just have good old-fashion fun.

Other family reunion activities that will keep everyone smiling and talking are:

  • setting up a crafting table
  • a water balloon toss
  • an egg race
  • a talent show
  • telling family stories
  • charades

The Party Barn is just right for a family reunion, providing a generous indoor space in case of inclement weather, and an outdoor play area large enough for sitting and games. Give us a call and let us get your event on the calendar. We’ll help you have the best reunion ever!

Leave Employees Glowing With A Fall Social Event

They’ve worked hard for you all year. Now it’s time to book social event venues in Wylie and reward them with an evening they’ll long remember. Why not make it a glow party? Glow parties are fun, easy to put together and suitable for adults. Plus, the extra lighting adds a certain ambiance to any party space, especially ours.

Leave Employees Glowing With A Fall Social Event

Bendable glow sticks typically sell for less than $2 a piece. They may be used as napkin rings and twisted into centerpieces. In addition, we’ve seen people place them inside of helium-filled balloons. So they could light up archways or make a spectacular balloon drop too.

Glow parties also lend themselves to a variety of food and drink menus. For instance, you could strategically place black lights around the bar. They’ll make simple gin and tonics look positively ethereal. And any appetizer will do if the plates are glow-in-the-dark. The disposable variety may be found at a number of party supply stores near social event venues in Wylie.

Our venue’s partners may be able to help your team access those supplies and others. For instance, we work with companies including local photo booth vendors. They often allow their customers to personalize everything from the booth’s exterior to the props and backgrounds. So you could make those items glow in the dark too.

And it may even be possible to outfit the party’s wait staff in glowing uniforms as well. White or neon colored tux shirts and bow ties would work as would specialty wristbands. Furthermore, some of the staff may be willing to wear glow-in-the-dark makeup or half-aprons. Many restaurant industry suppliers sell such items to servers and the general public alike. To learn more about hosting a glow party at social event venues in Wylie for your employees this holiday season, please contact us.

Celebrate Your Love: Anniversary Venue

It doesn’t matter if this anniversary is silver or golden — it’s a time to celebrate love! At the Party Barn, we have the perfect anniversary venue for you to plan for any theme that you can come up with, whether it is a casual gathering or a formal renewal-of-vows ceremony.

Celebrate Your Love: Anniversary Venue

Need some help planning? Here are a couple of good tips to keep you on track. Contact us today to schedule!

Capture the nostalgia

No matter what decade the couple married in, a hint of nostalgia could be just the right touch — play music from the era, and style the decor based on what the time period was known for. Make the cake in the image of the original. If the wedding dress is available, put it on display along with pictures of the wedding. If you’re planning a vow renewal ceremony, model as much as possible after the original wedding for the ultimate effect.

Make new memories, but keep events to a minimum

Believe it or not, anniversary parties are fine just as they are — additional things to do just add confusion, and guests will be more than happy just catching up and reminiscing with each other. Take a family portrait, especially if there are guests that are from out-of-town, but don’t plan anything more than the bare essentials. A pleasant open space and plenty of time are all you need. Our indoor and outdoor areas are both beautiful meeting places for just an occasion!

Regardless of how you set it up or how many memories you make, never forget the reason behind the anniversary celebration in the first place: all the wonderful memories made over the years.

The Perfect Space for This Sunday’s Church Celebration: The Party Barn

When it comes to church, nothing is more important than community: the group of people who meet, grow, and celebrate together. At The Party Barn, we have the area that’s perfect for your community to hold services and other church-related events.

The Perfect Space for This Sunday's Church Celebration: The Party Barn


We provide accommodations for a large group (up to 225 people), plenty of parking for your entire congregation, tables and chairs available for setup, a sound system for your electronic needs, and access to the kitchen for post-service snacks or beverages. Our convenient kitchen area is yours to use: prepare the food yourself or bring it in from an outside vendor!

The spacious foyer between the entrance and the main room provides an excellent place for gathering and mingling before your service. Guests can also utilize this area to discuss the sermon and scripture readings afterward.

Because we want it to look exactly as you want, we allow you to bring in your own decorations to give our space your personal touch. We have another decor option to offer you for a small additional fee: using our beautiful lights to give your service a unique flare and enhance your worship experience.

With our affordable prices, it’s easy to stick to your budget. Another way to keep your expenses to a minimum is it to skip the cleaning fee altogether by doing the clean up yourself, but you can also leave it to our staff to take care of for you!

Doesn’t The Party Barn sound like an exceptional venue for your next church service or event? Contact us for more information or to book your service!

A Fun Twist on Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings are traditionally hosted in hotels because it is the cookie-cutter way of doing meetings. Unfortunately, sometimes this approach is too formal and boring. And in a modern and ever-changing culture, finding new ways to doing things always makes its wave. This means it’s not only about the location, meeting space or the food served, but instead what are the new and exciting ways a venue can offer to you to provide your meeting with a whole new experience unlike before.

A Fun Twist on Corporate Meetings

The Party Barn is an example of a fresh concept in hosting your corporate meeting. We offer a twist to meetings, with the intention to create a better and fun meeting environment. Think of Party Barn as a business playground, in which your corporate meeting space is flexible, with a loose, open and spacious environment completely all for you and your employees. You don’t have to share the space like you would in a hotel.

Within this business playground, Party Barn has large tables for your use. Turn it into a casual, strategic thinking table for people, and arrange them however you want. Nothing about the environment suggests a strict, tight and boring corporate meeting. Instead, because the venue is unique in allowing you to use our full kitchen, you can select what foods to cater. Having the option to choose from a favorite or popular local restaurant instead of choosing from a limited menu makes it more appealing for everyone.

When it’s time for breaks, take advantage of Party Barn’s large outdoor space surrounded by greenery and a gazebo. Based on the time limit of the breaks, you can get creative, break out of the norm and offer fun activities to employees, whether it is a sporting, cultural or recreational one. And if it’s too hot to go outside in the Texan heat, the Party Barn has air conditioning for your comfort. Should you need heat, we’ve got you covered as well.

Change the way you do corporate meetings and add a twist to it. Provide a team-building environment so your employees can bond and enjoy their time during the company gathering. Break out of the norm, and don’t make it a strict business environment. Create a fun and unforgettable experience, and everyone will be thankful for it.

Hosting at a hotel cannot beat Party Barn’s reasonable prices. Discounts are also provided for corporate meetings hosted Monday – Thursday. For more information, contact us, and we’ll gladly answer all of your questions.

Don’t Wait to Make Social Event Venue Reservations

Did you know that now is the time to choose social event venues for 2018? Most people are still reeling from the holidays. So their minds aren’t fully on the parties they may be planning for spring, summer or autumn. This gives early birds like you the edge when it comes to securing the social event venue’s most popular days of the year.

Don’t Wait to Make Social Event Venue Reservations

As wedding planners and similar information sources commonly point out, the most sought after dates tend to occur on weekends. So which weekends should you book and what social event venue is best? It all depends on your guest list, budget, and party needs. Bottom line, the social event venue should be highly responsive to, and capable of meeting, the latter item on our short list.

Budgets and guests, on the other hand, tend to be more flexible. For example, maybe it isn’t necessary to invite your third-grade teacher and the office staff to your daughter’s Quinceanera or your son’s high school graduation. If they absolutely have to be there, perhaps there are ways to adjust the budget accordingly. For instance, it may be more cost-effective to host a brunch instead of a late dinner or choose a weekend after a major holiday.

Choosing social event venues that don’t force vendor lists upon their clients or demand everyone purchase ala carte package components may help with budgetary issues too. In some cases, social event venue staff may be willing to cut deals during off-peak periods as well. It never hurts to ask, especially if you plan on hosting events in Wylie or the surrounding area more than once a year. Social event venue management tends to be very open to price negotiations in those cases. To learn more the advantages of choosing social event venues early on and how to secure the best deals, please contact the Party Barn crew today.

How To Plan Quinceaneras On A Budget

Turning fifteen is a big deal. A quinceanera is a celebration, not only of your daughter’s birthday but it’s a celebration honoring her transformation from a girl into a woman. It’s a once in a lifetime party she’ll remember forever. But how do you create the perfect quinceanera when you’re on a budget?

How To Plan Quinceaneras On A Budget

Start Early: The earlier you start planning her quinceanera, the more time you’ll have to save up some money and figure out how to make her dream party happen. Start bouncing ideas and find out what she does and does not want. Begin to plan the party early, and you can shop around. You can also figure out what you can make yourself such as putting together some of the decorations by hand.

Involve Your Daughter In The Planning: The birthday girl should, of course, have a say in the planning but make sure she understands that there may be restrictions on what she can and can’t have. Ask her what’s most important to her. For example, if her biggest wish is an amazing dress she may have to let go of the idea of a DJ.  Guests may be the most expensive part of a quinceanera. Catered parties can cost $40 per person or more. Be selective about the guest list. Your daughter will probably have more fun hanging out with her friends than her entire high school.

The Gown: Budgeting for a dress is hard. New dresses can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Websites like Doris Wedding or ICDresses are a good place to find inexpensive gowns. Be on the look out for sales at chain stores such as JCPenny and David’s Bridal. No matter where you get the dress pay attention to the store or websites return policy particularly when ordering online. If something happens, like the dress not fitting, you may only have a brief window to return it. Getting the dress early is also important if you plan to tailor it. Tailoring can take weeks.

The Food: Catering can cost a lot of money. Considering making the food yourself or enlisting the help of relatives. Party Barn has a kitchen facility perfect for heating up meals or keeping things cold. We also have buffet tables. Buffets are the easiest way to serve food to large crowds.

The Cake: The quinceanera cake is one of the most important parts of the celebration. One way to save money, particularly when serving a large crowd is to follow an old wedding trick. If you’re buying from a bakery, buy both a tiered cake and a sheet cake to feed your guests. Sheet cakes serve more people than tiered cakes. Display the tiered cake then move it to the kitchen after the birthday girl blows out her candles. Bring the plates of sliced cake out to the buffet table. No one will know about the sheet cake, and you’ll serve a large crowd without blowing your budget.

Another alternative is to do away with cake altogether. What about a plate of elegantly displayed birthday doughnuts at each table? A stack of large birthday cookies? Birthday candy? Birthday pie? Feel free to get creative.

The Décor: Dollar stores are a great place to get party supplies. So are discount party supplies such as Oriental Trading Company. Consider a color scheme such purple and blue or choose a theme. For example, a Candyland theme might have soft, pastel, colors. If you don’t like the idea of paper plates and napkins, consider renting your décor.  Party rentals are often used at weddings and include tableware like tablecloths, napkins, and plates.

Centerpieces don’t have to come from a florist. Doing it yourself is another way to save serious cash. A centerpiece can be fake flowers, a small vase of candy, or even feathers. Pinterest is filled with elegant looking, inexpensive, DYI, ideas for beautiful centerpieces.

 The Music: DJ’s are a great way to keep the party going, but they aren’t cheap. If you choose to forego the DJ, consider having your daughter create mix CD’s meant for dancing. Party Barn has a 5 CD changer for hours of music.

A quinceanera doesn’t have to break the bank to be a fantastic party. At its heart, a quinceanera is a celebration of your daughter and her family. So remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. For more information about renting the Party Barn contact us.

Perfect Location for Donor Banquets in 2017

The Red Cross and AABB note that on average; at least 6 million people are kind enough to donate blood every year. In response, each January, a very special event is held to honor them. It’s called National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. In addition to those celebrations, blood drives are also held and everyone at Party Barn would like to help.

Perfect Location for Donor Banquets in 2017

Our event venue location is ideal for donor dinners and drives. Our venue’s packages run the gamut and are priced accordingly. We also have day and evening slots available. As such, groups may host donor breakfasts, brunches, lunches or dinners throughout the month.

The brunch tends to be exceptionally popular among volunteer organizations because they traditionally run from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. That leaves ample time to have a morning or afternoon blood drive. For instance, crews could accept blood donations from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. at the local hospital and invite volunteers to join them afterward for a thank you brunch at Party Barn.

The brunch packages at our event venue may be adjusted to include outdoor and indoor options. Therefore, if the weather is still fabulous this Spring, Wylie, Texas’ best volunteers may enjoy amuse-bouche and orange juice on the lawn. We can even roll out the red carpet for them as they arrive for their celebratory meal. Music and entertainment options are also available. So ask our Wylie event venue staff about them at the time of booking.

To learn more about planning special events during National Volunteer Blood Donor Month 2017, please contact us today. If contact is made early enough, we can help motivated groups arrange their initial blood drive for January 2017 and any subsequent ones they’d like to have throughout the year.

Kick Your Staff Meetings Up A Notch At The Party Barn!

Do you often find yourself staring at the clock during your business meetings, nibbling at old doughnuts? Can’t wait to get back to your desk, or better yet, get home? Whether you’re looking to impress your clientele or your employees, The Party Barn can help turn your corporate meetings from boring to roaring!

Kick Your Staff Meetings Up A Notch At The Party Barn!

With 3,750 SQ. ft., The Party Barn is an ideal venue to discuss business strategies, financial recaps, or kick back, relax, and thank your team for all the hard work they do! Complete with ample tables and chairs, a dance floor, quality sound systems, outdoor space, and a full kitchen to be used however you’d like, there’s no better place to energize and entertain your staff—all while working! Whether you’re catering or cooking, discussing or dancing, The Party Barn can accommodate your most important event and make hosting a breeze.

Still not convinced? Check out the versatility of the unique rustic charm The Party Barn has to offer; play it up or tone it down with minimal (or maximum!) decorations, depending on your preference. The Party Barn also supplies an easy-to-read floor plan to help you get a better idea of everything space has to offer. Not only does our website provide helpful visuals, it also includes a detailed, no-nonsense price list to assist you in accurately budgeting with no surprises.

The Party Barn, a family-owned and operated venue, located in Wylie, TX is situated just 30 miles outside of downtown Dallas, making it an ideal and convenient spot for companies in the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule and ensure a one-of-a-kind meeting everyone will be thanking you for!