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Renew Your Vows at the Party Barn Anniversary Venue

You and your partner have been through a lot together, and lasting love deserves to be celebrated. Take some time to renew your vows in front of friends and family at an anniversary venue like the Party Barn. Here are some ways to make your vow renewal a memorable experience.

Renew Your Vows at the Party Barn Anniversary Venue

Include Friends and Family

Whether you want to relive that perfect wedding day or finally make up for not having the wedding of your dreams, you can still announce your love to family and friends. This time around you’ll also have the joy of including people you’ve met since you got married as well as your own children.

Use a Beautiful Backdrop

You’re sure to want pictures of your vowel renewal, so renew your vows in front of a pretty backdrop. An arch of flowers or lights is perfect for an indoor ceremony, and reconnecting with your loved one in a gorgeous gazebo is a setting for breathtaking pictures.

Dance the Night Away

Nothing says fun like dancing. Hire a band and celebrate with the people who love you most and have supported your relationship throughout the years. Don’t forget a slow dance with your sweetheart.

Set up a Memory Board

Collect your favorite pictures from your life together, and arrange them on a canvas or other display for guests to admire. Use a series of picture frames for a more formal look, or clip your photos to a framed piece of chicken wire for a rustic, country flair.

You can have the perfect vowel renewal experience. Contact The Party Barn for more ideas and information.

Party Barn Wedding Venue: Bliss on a Budget

You’re engaged! Congratulations on the happiest moment of your life! During the months to follow, you and your loved ones will be totally devoted to the planning of your perfect day. But with all that joy comes a great deal of stress, especially when you start planning your budget. There are the flowers, the catering, the dresses….and what about the venue!?

Party Barn Wedding Venue: Bliss on a Budget

Fortunately the Party Barn in Wylie, Texas can help you ease the strain on your wallet. With its fully air-conditioned (or heated) indoor area with open flooring and a  beautiful outdoor gazebo, the Party Barn is an ideal wedding venue for both an indoor and an outdoor wedding!

We have everything you need for your day of bliss.  Tables and chairs for up to 144 guests, sound system, and 3,750 Sq ft. of space are available for you to create your wedding vision in any way you please. And if you need a little bit of help in the decoration process, we can add some charm with our own twinkle lights. (Additional fees apply here).

Our facilities even come with a kitchen so that you can use your own caterers. Come with food prepared, or cook it on location! Our kitchen is fully equipped with an oven, stove top, fridge, sink, and prep area.

And what about after the nuptials are over? Don’t leave a mess for your loved ones to clean after the fun is done. For an additional fee, let us handle all the clean-up for you.

No matter what your vision for the blessed day, Party Barn is a wonderful choice for any bride on a budget.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Let us give you the wedding of your dreams without the price tag of your nightmares!

A Unique Wedding Venue Where You Can Tie the Knot, Texas-style

Are you planning to tie the knot, Texas-style any time in the future? Looking for a unique wedding venue. If so, The Party Barn is an amazing place to celebrate your vows in a Texas, country setting.

A Unique Wedding Venue Where You Can Tie the Knot, Texas-style

Just outside of Plano, in Wylie, Texas, the event center has been in operation for 20 years and is family-run. With 3,750 square feet to host your reception and a beautiful, outdoor gazebo for your wedding and photos.

The Party Barn is an enchanting environment in which to celebrate. Tables and chairs to accommodate 144 guest and a full kitchen save you money and allow you to either bring in a caterer or provide the food yourself.

There are a large dance floor and a 5-disc CD changer to meet your dancing needs. A more than ample air conditioning and heating system make sure you guests stay comfortable. Whether they’re battling the fiery hot, Texas summers or our bone-chilling winter weather. But most importantly, everything is under your control for your big day.

You can make the space anything you want it to be with your own decorations. Whatever your heart desires or your mind can imagine for your event, you can make it happen your way. The country setting shouldn’t have to dictate your tastes, but the place lends itself well to that, or it can just be a romantic setting for whatever theme you desire.

Make your dream come true at The Party Barn at a reasonable cost and with total freedom to do your big day your way. After all, the idea is that you’ll never do it again, so make your day as special and uniquely yours.

For more information on how the rent The Party Barn, contact us.

4 Questions You Need to Ask Your Adult Birthday Party Venue

Birthday parties are a wonderful way to celebrate growing older with friends and family. And they aren’t just for children either. Adult birthday parties present a terrific opportunity to showcase individual style and personality in an exciting way. But how can you ensure you have the perfect adult birthday party venue? Here are four questions you need to ask your venue coordinator.

4 Questions You Need to Ask Your Adult Birthday Party Venue

How many people will this venue safely hold?

Knowing your venue’s guest capacity is something you will want to make sure you learn before sending out invitations. In fact, this figure should set the bar for all other party planning aspects, especially when securing catering and party supplies. Having a set figure of how many people can fit safely in your chosen venue will allow you to adjust your guest list accordingly and allow you to make necessary changes to your budget and overall party plans.

Do you have a policy in place regarding alcohol?

Because this is an adult party, you may want to provide your guests with access to alcoholic beverages, in addition to other refreshments. Checking your venue’s alcohol policy gives you a blueprint as to what you can provide and what’s not allowed on your venue’s premises.

Is there a noise ordinance in this area?

A noise ordinance is a law that defines the amount or level of noise allowed for a particular area. This law sets limits on the volume of your music or band and at what time if defined, your music must stop. Understanding what is legally allowable for your venue’s area will help you narrow down any entertainment choices for your party.

Will there be a member of your staff on the premises during my event?

It is important to know who will be on hand during your event. While we do our best to plan every detail, sometimes unexpected situations do arise and you’ll want to make sure you know what to do if something should go wrong. Things beyond your control such as power failure can occur and it will save time if you know who to reach out to. If your venue will not have any staff on hand, you should make sure there is a dedicated number you can call for emergencies.

Planning an adult birthday party is a fun and unique experience. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in designing an unforgettable event!

3 Ways to have a Beautiful Camo Wedding

Camo weddings are extremely popular, especially for brides who enjoy the rustic, country life. This is also a great option for those couples who are looking to stand out in the crowd of other traditional brides. If you are considering going this route with your wedding, here are a few things you can do to create a beautiful setting.

3 Ways to have a Beautiful Camo Wedding

Start with your Invitations

To help prepare your guests for the wedding, start by including your camo theme in your invitations. You will find that many invitation options are available that will match your theme in a beautiful way. When your guests are able to prepare for your wedding properly, you will be able to create beautiful memories and photos to last a lifetime.

Find the Perfect Venue

Finding the perfect venue for your camo wedding is also a great way to create a beautiful wedding. Natural settings tend to offer the best option for couples who are considering a camo themed wedding. Look for a setting that offers a nice complement to your theme and that will offer a beautiful backdrop for all your pictures.

Choose the Right Vendors

Finally, spend some time really focusing on the vendors you choose to service your wedding. Many are experienced and equipped to create beautiful camo wedding themed items. For example, photographers experienced with camo weddings will be able to capture the best photographs, while bakers can produce camo icing for your cake.

These are just a few of the ways you can create a beautiful camo themed wedding. Putting them into action can help give you a classy wedding, with beautiful décor and memories to cherish for a lifetime. To discover the perfect venue for this style wedding, contact us today.

Family Reunions: When Only Face-to-Face Celebrations Will Do

Tired of just chatting on Facebook and Skype? We don’t blame you. Why not bring everyone together, face to face, at a family reunion venue in Wylie, Texas? On average, anywhere from 100 to 225 family members are likely to make the trek to a reunion site. So choose one that has great parking and ample seating. A great example is the Party Barn’s 3,750-square foot, family reunion venue.

Family Reunions Venue in Wylie: When Only Face-to-Face Celebrations Will Do

Located on FM 544, it’s within an easy drive off Interstate 78 and brand name, area lodging venues. Thus, attendees will be able to car pool to and from the family reunion venue quite easily. Also, shuttle service and public transit are available for those attendees that may not want to cram into a minivan filled with their long-lost cousins. Either way, once at the venue of FM 544, they’ll be plenty of room for everyone to spread out.

Round tables that seat eight are perfect for family reunion set-ups. They allow for great conversations and photo opportunities to occur. In addition, there’s typically a great view of the large dance floor and outdoor party space as well. So when guests tire of being in the air conditioning or climate controlled heat, they can feel free to wander outdoors. There’s a white gazebo out there that’s accessible via a paved pathway.

The pathway meanders through a meticulously kept, grassy lawn and ends at the gazebo. The gazebo’s fetching surroundings, covered roof, and overall architecture make it a fantastic spot to take family photos. And if your family is too large to fit underneath of the gazebo at one time, don’t worry. There surrounding lawn is big enough to cover the overflow. Check out our gallery of photos and you’ll see what we mean.

To learn more about our family reunion venue and the best ways to party in Wylie, please contact The Party Barn staff today.

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Venue

The best wedding venue wants to help their clients stay informed and be prepared for the entire wedding planning process. They will happily answer all venue-related questions to ensure the big day goes off without a hitch. Before settling on any venue, make sure you ask these three important questions.

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Venue

  • “How Many Guests Will This Space Accommodate?” No matter how beautiful the venue is, if it isn’t large enough to accommodate the number of people you are expecting, it isn’t going to do you any good. Before falling too deeply in love with space, make sure you ask this question right off the bat. It’s better to get the logistical details out of the way and then move along to the fun stuff.
  • “Can Both The Ceremony And Reception Be Held Here?” It is becoming increasingly popular for people who are getting married to hold their ceremony and reception in the same location. This is incredibly convenient for both the people getting married as well as all the guests because transportation from one location to the next will no longer be a problem. If this is an option you are considering, ask the venue if it is possible to have everything in one spot.
  • “What is Included in The Rental?” Some venues only rent out the actual space while others include tables, chairs, linens, and so on. It is important to ask whether or not the venue you are looking at includes the extras and if it is included in the price or with an additional fee.

For more advice on choosing the perfect wedding venue, contact us today.

How to Choose Your School Reunion Venue

High school reunions are a great way to catch up with old friends and classmates. There is a lot of planning that goes into making this a night to remember, however, and it is important to choose the right venue to provide the perfect atmosphere for your big night. While there are a lot of details that go into organizing a reunion, the first step is deciding where it will take place. Here are a few things to consider when trying to answer how to choose your school reunion venue.

How to Choose Your School Reunion Venue


Consider how many people you are inviting to the reunion and who will attend. Most of the time, even if you had a big graduating class, not everyone will show up. However, you want to have enough space for everyone to feel comfortable. Party Barn has a capacity of 225 guests with room for buffet tables, dancing space, and an outdoor area.


Make sure you have enough budgeted away for a nice venue. The right venue doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it should be a big part of your budget since the location is such a big part of planning the event. Make sure you understand the hourly rates and any other extra fees, as well as what forms of payment your venue takes. We offer a comprehensive list of all costs.


Certain amenities, such as air conditioning, tables, etc., may be important for your event depending on your needs and the time of the year. The party barn offers both heat and ac, a full kitchen, tables, a sound system, and plenty of parking for guests.


This is one of the most important aspects of your school reunion venue. The Party Barn’s unique business model allows planners to create the perfect evening by choosing your own caterers, choosing to have more tables or more dancing space, and decorating how you want. This will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

Contact us today to find out more or book your upcoming reunion!

Turning the Big 5-0? Here’s the Perfect Party Venue

Happy Birthday! The big day is coming. Is it the big three-oh, four-oh, or five-oh?  Another one? You’re going to have a huge party, right?  Have you got decorating ideas? Check. Know what you want to have for food?  What kind of cake you’ll have?  Check. But where are you going to throw this shindig? We’ve got the perfect party venue.

Turning the Big 5-0? Here's the Perfect Party Venue


If you’re having your event catered, that’s that much less for you to worry about on the big day.  If not, we’ve got you covered with a full kitchen.


Worried about how to get it all done?  Don’t!  We have the optional set-up so we can take care of the tables and chairs.  This lets you concentrate on everything else.  Because when you get to your age, you need all the help you can get!


With optional twinkle lights on the ceiling and a gazebo outside, you’ll be able to make this day extra special.


Planning on partying pretty hard?  Go low stress for the end of the night and choose the option of letting us clean up for you!  You’re going to be tuckered out, so if you choose, we can take care of all that for you.

You’ve got enough on your plate dealing with a big birthday like Something-Oh. You don’t need the headache of figuring out where to have your party and cleaning up afterwards. So when planning your big day, contact us.

Social Event Venue at Party Barn

If you are looking for a venue to host your social event, look no further than the Party Barn. The Party Barn has been family owned and operated for 20 years. Some of the events at The Party Barn include weddings, birthday parties, family/school reunions, quinceañeras, anniversary’s, graduations, business events and more.

Social Event Venue at Party Barn

One aspect that sets Party Barn apart is that you may handle your own catering.

The kitchen is free for you to use in your own way. This gives the client the freedom to choose their own catering to fit the needs of their own events whether that be Chinese food for a Chinese new year party, cultural cuisine for a family gathering, or finger foods for a business event.

Another positive aspect is that you may decorate in any way you see fit. There is an outside area as well, which is perfect for children’s events, equipped with a gazebo located 250 feet from the facility.

The facility is 3750 square feet which are large enough for any social event and accommodates up to 225 people. There are approximately 75 parking spots to accommodate all of the party goers. There is also a sound system with 5 disc CD changer to keep the guests entertained.

You have the option to clean the facility after the event or hire a clean up crew provided by Party Barn. Party Barn may also provide set up for an additional fee.

Check out our recent testimonials:

“The staff was beyond friendly, and willing to help in any way for your social event.”

“The atmosphere was nice, warm, and casual.”

So when planning your social event and in shopping for your social event venue, look no further than the Party Barn.