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Host Corporate Meetings at The Party Barn

Host Corporate Meetings at The Party BarnFor most of your company’s meetings, you probably just pull up a few chairs and host the meeting at the office. However, it can be worthwhile to rent a venue — such as at The Party Barn— for big, important meetings. These are a few reasons why.

Make it Impressive

For simple meetings with employees, making your meeting impressive might not be a top concern. However, if you are meeting with potential investors or business associates, you probably want to impress them if you can. Hosting your meeting somewhere like The Party Barn can be a great way to do it.

Get Everyone’s Attention

When you host a meeting at the office, you have to deal with a host of distractions, such as ringing phones and pressing emails. By taking everyone out of this element, you can ensure that everyone is paying as much attention to the meeting as possible.

Make Room

Nobody can really listen, learn or think in a cramped environment. For bigger meetings, The Party Barn can be a great choice because you can host more people more comfortably.

Offer More

Want to offer a little more at your meeting, such as a catered lunch? Hosting it in your office can be awkward, but having it at a nice venue can be a great way to offer more.

As you can see, The Party Barn is a great place to host corporate meetings. If you’re interested in reserving space at The Party Barn for an upcoming meeting for your business, contact us today to talk about the details.

Four Tips To Planning the Perfect Wedding

Four Tips To Planning the Perfect WeddingHolding on to a concept is hard, especially when the ideas and decisions are something you absolutely have to stick to. With weddings, these choices are crucial and with so many options out there, how can you easily pick a theme that you’ll completely love? These four steps will ease you through choosing the perfect wedding theme.

  1. Consider the when, where, and how: Are you planning a spring or fall wedding? Do you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony and/or reception? Do you picture something simple or extravagant? Asking yourself these questions will allow you to know your limitations and begin to picture your options.
  2. Inspiration is key: When it comes to theme, you don’t want to just settle for anything. Your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life. You and your lover are official committed until death. That’s big. But being surrounded by decorations you’re not overly fond of can put a damper on your mood. So whether it’s fairy tales or vintage, music notes or feathers, try to incorporate these things into your wedding ideas.
  3. Decide on a color scheme: Choosing the right colors is imperative and just as important as inspiring elements. You don’t want to have your bridesmaids dressed in yellow and green if you cannot stand either color. Having everything black and white is okay if that’s what you like, but for most of us, no color is quite boring. Start with your favorite and see what coordinates with it. Then you can begin to pull everything together.
  4. Make sure your fiancée is in agreement: As excited as you are and as perfect as you want things, it’s their day too. Asking them their opinion on your ideas and finding something you both like is essential to making the day perfect for both of you.

Call The Party Barn today and we’ll help you plan your perfect wedding!


High School Reunions Without The Stress

High School Reunions Without The StressHave you ever wondered what happened to the buff guy everyone drooled over in algebra class or that hot girl who played soccer? We all have at one moment in our post high school lives. That’s why class reunions are generally so much fun. We get to find out what happened to them along with Mr. Most Likely to Succeed and Miss Congeniality. Of course class reunions aren’t all “Oh my Gods” and “Can you believe its?”

They’re also a lot of hard work. It takes time to track everyone down and put together a class reunion committee. Then everyone on that committee must work towards finding a venue to host the much-anticipated social event. And that sure can be tough! Bearing that in mind, we’d like to mention The Party Barn. We can help you effortlessly pull off the high school reunion of the century.

Local caterers of your committee’s choosing are welcome to use our full kitchen. The same goes for any entertainer that your high school reunion’s attendees would enjoy. And if you don’t know who makes the best buffet entrees or plays a mean boogaloo, let us know. We are confident that our team will have the answers to those and other pressing, class reunion questions.

To discover what else our experienced, Party Barn team can do for your high school class reunion, please contact us for complimentary quotes and an in-depth consultation.

Vow Renewal Receptions: Are You Thinking About Brunch?

Vow Renewal Receptions: Are You Thinking About Brunch?Vow renewal receptions are picking up steam faster than eggs Benedict sitting in a steam pan and with good reason. They are just perfect in so many ways. Vow renewal celebrations are great in their own right but when they’re paired with brunch, well it just can’t be whipped. Let’s spend a few moments today hitting the happy highlights:

Brunch receptions are ideal for bridal couples that want an outside affair without the stuffy clothes and specialty lighting. After all, eggs and bacon just screams casual doesn’t it? But it can also be perfect for
fancy ceremonies too with items like quiche Lorraine, French crepes and cheese soufflés on the menu. And yes, those items may be served indoors as well.

Did anyone say belinis and mimosas after sunrise? They’re a wonderful way to lighten things up, lower the reception’s bar costs and keep guests from over-imbibing.  Also, they’ll fit right in with mock cocktails for the under 21 and teetotaler crowd. Heck, you could even serve fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Guests with young children will love you. Chances are they’ll have an easier time finding babysitters on a Saturday morning than they will on a Friday or Saturday night. Or, you could plan kid friendly activities and let them come along to the vow renewal reception too!

Of course guests with kids won’t be the only ones saving money. Booking photographers, reception halls, limos and other essentials for daytime events tends to cost less overall. It just depends on where the brunch is going to be held, when and for how long.

To learn more about having brunch during vow renewal receptions please contact us The Party Barn today. Let us help put the whipped cream and gourmet cherries on your special day.

When Should You Rent a Venue

When Should You Rent a VenueWhen you start planning your next party or event, you may wonder, “Do I need to rent a venue?” To answer this question, here are a couple of things to consider.

Whether it’s a wedding, conference, or birthday party, one of the biggest factors to think about is how many people you are expecting for the event. While sometimes you invite a lot of people and having it at a house is completely unfeasible, sometimes the number of guests on the list has you unsure if you should rent a venue. If you have a large size room in your house, you’ll able to fit around twenty people, but that might be pushing it.

How nice of an atmosphere do you want? While a house or backyard may have a comfortable feel to it, a lovely rented venue will give your event a classy, professional quality.

Renting a venue will offer you some amenities that are hard to get on yourself. These include tables, chairs, dance floors, and sound systems. Having a place provide these things for you cuts down on the amount of stress and planning on your plate. A venue will also offer you plenty of parking without having to juggle cars.

If you decide to rent a venue, remember to do your research to find the perfect place to match your needs. Not all venues are equal, and you want  to make sure you get the things you want.

If you have any questions about venues, please, contact us.

Finding the Best Catering Service for Your Event

Finding the Best Catering Service for Your EventThere is no shortage of catering services available. However, finding a good one that is best suited for your specific needs can be challenging. It is important that you do some research and locate a great service to ensure your event runs smoothly. There are several things to look for when seeking a caterer. Here are the three primary characteristics of a great catering service.


It is crucial that the food actually tastes good. Anyone can throw together a meal, bring it to your location, and call themselves a caterer. Try the food before hiring a company. Make sure it is high-quality and the menu options fit your needs. Great food is the number one characteristic of a great catering service.


Be sure to inquire about food safety. If your event venue is outdoors, you do not want bugs all over the food. If items need to be kept cold, ensure that the company can handle these issues. You do not want your guests becoming ill because there was a lack of safety. This is a significant concern and you should address it before hiring any service.


An excellent caterer will offer a variety of services. Determine exactly what you expect and make sure you hire someone who offers all of the required tasks. They will often do much more than simply bring the food. They will set up and run the dining room and even offer cleanup. Some will provide decor upon request.

You put a lot of time and effort into planning your event. Do not overlook the importance of finding a great catering service. The food is an integral part of your event. Use the tips above to find the best service to meet your needs.

Contact us for more information about catering for your next event!

What You Should Know About your Wedding Venue

In all the excitement about the decision to get married, sometimes couples neglect to ask important details when they finally find the perfect wedding venue to get married.

There are lists galore on every wedding portal online and every wedding magazine. However, many couples fail to consider issues such as access for a guest in a wheelchair, emergency training of staff and if the wedding was scheduled for outdoors, what contingency plans are there if the event needs to relocate inside?

Here are a few tips to ask your wedding venue you may not have thouWhat You Should Know About your Wedding Venueght of:

What is the lighting like at the time of day you plan your wedding? If your wedding is at night, is there sufficient lighting for your guests to navigate from the parking lot to the ceremony? You’d be surprised how many resorts and wineries have insufficient lighting in large parking lots. It’s a big problem at night, especially when guests are leaving.

Does the staff listen when you are talking about your preferences? Like any conversation, you can tell if the other party is really listening to you or just waiting until you finished talking to voice their own opinion. At The Party Barn, we want your wedding to reflect who you are and will be sure to set the tone that best gives you the feelings you want to display to you and your guests.

Are you comfortable with the event planner you will be working with at the venue? Like any relationship, you will be working with someone very closely for one of the most important events of your life. It is extremely important you feel this person is going to work “with” you.

We are here to answer all your questions, so contact us about your special day.

Plan Your Quinceanera at Party Barn!

Looking for the perfect venue for your daughter’s quinceanera? Party Barn has you covered! One of the most important celebrations in Mexican culture is the tradition of the quinceanera. This is the day a young girl will symbolically be escorted into womanhood. A quinceanera is special for the girl as well as her family who has raised her to this point.

Let the Party Barn help plan your quinceneara! Make the day everything you have envisioned and more with our fully operational building! Contact us today and start planning the quinceneara you’ve dreamed about! Plan your quinceanera at Party Barn today!

Plan Your Quinceanera at Party Barn!

Looking for a venue for your next reunion?

Looking for a venue for your next reunion? Look no further, The Party Barn has you covered! Whether you are looking for a central location to meet up with your extended family or making plans to see your high school pals, spring is the perfect time to start planning! Feel free to bring your own food or hire you favorite restaurant to cater your party. We will provide you with a kitchen, tables, a sound system, and plenty of room for your group to have the time of their lives!

Give The Party Barn a call and get your reunion date set!

Looking for a venue for your next reunion?

Plan Your Wedding At The Party Barn!

Have you dreamed of getting married at a private Gazebo for your “big day”? If so you have found it in The Party Barn. We are the perfect site just minutes from Plano to host your wedding and reception. The reception hall holds up to 225 people and is always comfortable with our HVAC system. Be your own caterer because we don’t make you buy food and drink from us. The sky is the limit on decorations. You decorate how you want it to look. Our venue is perfect for any bride that wants to have a beautiful wedding and a fun time without breaking the bank.

Plan Your Wedding At The Party Barn!