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Event Venue Decoration Ideas: Winter Flower Options

Did you know that winter color schemes don’t have to focus on everything white, silver, gold, red, ice blue or green? There are other, more colorful ways to celebrate the season. At their hearts are winter hardy flowers. Here’s a quick look at five that will help give you event venue decoration ideas for the colder months:

Event Venue Decoration Ideas: Winter Flower Options

1.) Tulips

Traditionally thought of a spring flower, tulips are available in the Wylie area year round. So you can definitely use them to decorate ballrooms during the winter. Choose a color that symbolizes the things that make a marriage great. Examples include red (love) and black (passion).

2.) Gerbera

He loves me, he loves me not. Is that the first thing that comes to your mind when presented with a colorful gerbera? Part of the daisy family, they’ve long been considered symbols of love. The most common ones are white and yellow but hybrids have expanded this beloved flower’s color palate. So now you can get them in everything from hot pink and raspberry to peach and orange.

3.) Amaryllis

Third on our list is a trumpet-shaped flower rich in color. We’re talking about amaryllis. You’ve probably seen them in a number of spring bouquets. The corals are exceptionally pretty but you don’t have to stick with it either. With this fragrant gem, there are literally hundreds of color combinations to choose from. So have fun creating the perfect ballroom decorations.

4.) Ranunculus

Remember rubbing butter cups on your chin as a child? Back then, it was a way to show off with friends. As an adult, you can use similar flowers to display your affection for a new spouse. Yes, we’re thinking of a ranunculus. Reminiscence of the buttercup, they’d make excellent centerpieces or add flourish to butter cream clad cakes.

5.) Roses

Lastly, we can’t forget about winter roses. Use dried ones, along with baby’s breath, to make napkin rings or boutonnieres.  In addition, you could make your own rose-water as gifts for the guests. The little bottles would surely look pretty tied with bows and placed at a ballroom’s entrance table. Do you like our suggestion thus far? If so, contact us to uncover more event venue decorating ideas for winter.