The Perfect Place For Your Church Celebration

Have you ever considered holding your church celebration at a different venue than your church? Even though you already have a whole building for your church you may need a separate space from time to time.

The Perfect Place For Your Church Celebration

Here are five reasons why you may need the Party Barn for your next church celebration:

1. You need the space. The Party Barn has a whopping 3,750 square feet plus a ton of outside space you can use for your next anniversary party, fundraising event or other celebration where you anticipate more people – up to 225, plus 75 parking spots, and even a gazebo outdoors – than your church space can normally accommodate.

2. You want a temporary event venue. Since the Party Barn can accommodate up to 225 people, it’s the perfect place for you to bring in guests, a band, caterers, special lights and decorations, and so on without having to worry about spilling things or that many guests moving throughout your church.

3. You’re setting up a large meeting. Event prices are discounted on Monday through Thursday, so if you need the space for a special meeting, that your church is hosting, the price may be just right for your budget.

4. You don’t have a dedicated building for your church just yet. If you have a church, but don’t have your own building yet, and are holding services at a school on Sundays, for instance, you shouldn’t have to forgo special celebrations just because the building isn’t available. The Party Barn is available seven days a week.

5. You want to work with great people for your event. The evidence is clear, the folks who run the Party Barn are amazing. Check out the testimonials and see for yourself. Party guests are treated like family, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the air conditioning is always just right!

If you’d like to talk about holding your church celebration at the Party Barn, don’t hesitate to contact us soon!