The Perfect Venue to Host Your Family Reunion

The Perfect Venue to Host Your Family ReunionLike most Americans, our childhood is accented with memories of summertime family reunions. Many can remember backyard barbecues, meeting great aunts and second cousins for the first time and rekindling friendships long dormant over the previous year. But with the changing trends in the world today, many families are spread to opposite corners of the country and can easily lose contact with one another. According to AARP, only 23% of young to middle age adults actually go to an annual family reunion. Finding the perfect venue to host your family reunion just might change those odds.

When choosing a venue for family reunions, take the following into account.

1. Family size and facility capacity

Before getting your heart set on a venue, calculate an estimate of how many persons you can expect to travel in for the event and then research venues that would accommodate that number. It would be very unfortunate to turn anyone away at the door, so allow ample room for expansion as additional guests may show up the day of the event.

2. Climate and comfort needs

If your event will be held in the summertime, ensure that your older family members and/or infirm ones will be able to seek shelter in air-conditioned areas or in ample shade. Choosing a venue that has plenty of seating, heating and cooling abilities will enable your guests to have a safe and comfortable time.

3. Food and beverage

If you will be self-catering the event, choose a venue that has large kitchen space with all needed appliances such as refrigerator and oven.

Choosing the right venue is just one of the first steps in planning your family reunion. For more ideas on how to make this event memorable and a tradition to be repeated in the years to come, please contact us.